Friday, November 2, 2012

And the fall will be much faster than I have thought !!

This video shows Mohamed Badie , the current MB guide surrounded by a human shield of Muslim brotherhood members in none other than the Kabaa , Islam’s holiest site during the last pilgrimage season !! I am so provoked by this scene !!
How dare did the MB think to do such provoking action !? Did not they attack similar Mubarak’s action in pilgrimage ?? I see imitation. Already I do not understand how Badei accepted this action !! Silly me the man accepts to see the MB members kiss his hands !!
Who will think to harm an old man or even the MB guide in the holiest place for Muslim ??? This is not from Islam !!
The MB is falling quite fast when it comes to power , seriously too fast !!


  1. MB is the same shit on a different day!
    Egyptians are conditioned for creating their own Pharaons.

  2. You are just re-phrasing the sentence: Who will kill our soldiers in Ramadan @ iftar time!


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