Saturday, November 3, 2012

Breaking : Syrian Tanks in Golan , why Now !?

AP has just announced from few minutes ago that 3 Syrian tanks have entered the demilitarized zone in Golan.
What does Bashar El Assad want to do ?? Why suddenly did he decide to escalate the matter ?? What are these tanks doing !?
Many questions in my mind now. Wait for more updates. 
Well the IDF spokesperson for Arab Media has not tweeted yet what happened but it seems that officially Israel has already reacted and presented a very quick complaint to the UN regarding the Syrian regime's violation to UN and Security council resolution.
Now according to activists the 3 Syrian tanks entered the villages "Al Buraykah and Bir Jam" that are only few kilometers from Syrian Israeli borders.
 A map showing the two villages from Ziad Benjamin
According to activists and reports these 3 Syrian tanks were participating in some operations against rebel forces. Of course I am quite surprised that there are operations this far involving rebels and governmental forces !!
Facebook Page "BRQ" claims that these 3 Syrian tanks entered the demilitarized zone to escape from the rebel forces . 

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  1. news is saying that rebels stole the tanks are are trying to lure Assad into Golan so the US will get involved

    seems likely reason


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