Saturday, November 3, 2012

Will the Egyptian government do like the British government and issue a warning about #Sinai !? "Updated"

UK has issued a travel warning for its citizens in Egypt. The foreign office has raised its terror threat to avoid all the essential travel to North and South Sinai except Sharm El Sheikh according to its official website.
The foreign office is against all travel to North Sinai governorate complete because of the terrorist activities there. I do understand all these precautions and respect the UK for how much they do care about citizens abroad.
I want to know the reaction of the Egyptian government regarding this warning !! Will the Egyptian government issue a similar warning its for its citizens when it comes to Sinai !!??
How is Operation Eagle !? I began to suspect that it is a mystical creature like the renaissance bird or the the phoenix. 
I am tired for the daily news coming from Sinai that proves by all measures  that the bad guys got an upper hand in the North. I am tired from the constant operations against security forces and the constant abduction targeting the locals.
I want President Morsi to address the nation sincerely if he really fears God about the truth of what is happening in Sinai.

Update #1 : 

Things are developing in Sinai in a very pleasant way. Today 3 policemen have been killed while other 3 have been injured in an attack in checkpoint in Al Arish, in North Sinai. It turns out that from two days ago a policeman killed a Bedouin and from what I understood from Sinai local tweep and activist Massaad Abu Fajr that policeman allegedly danced over the body of that young man which caused their anger.
Massaad Abu Fajr has been tweeting for awhile and he is saying that there are currently two big protests in the cities of Al Arish and Rafah. The first protest by the locals and tribes that are being described as revolutionaries in Al Arish.
Now this protest in Al Arish is getting bigger as there are tribe chieftains participating in this protest along with the parties in the city like Constitution Party and Al Karma Party besieging the empty governorate building. The protesters have already stormed the building in what I believe the first #Occupy movement's escalation.

The protesters are demanding the following demands according to Massaad Abu Fajr : 

  • Dismissing the governor of Sinai "a former army general" and his deputy "A Muslim brotherhood member" 
  • Choosing an administrative committee from allegedly 5 "revolutionaries" and an advisory council made of 20 revolutionaries to organize the work in the governorate instead of the governor !!

There is another protest in Rafah where policemen are protesting against the government. I am not surprised , I think they are protesting on how they are being sent for their doom in Sinai.
The governor and his deputy are nowhere to be found so does civilian Police. The scene there according to tweeps is similar to 28 January 2011 where police is no where to found. Army forces are reportedly securing some police HQs in Al Arish. 


Ok according to  Ahmed El Ghoul whom I trusted no one has stormed or occupied the governorate building. The army forces have already arrived from more than 25 minutes and handed over the empty building to secure it. More policemen have joined the protesters at the Governorate HQ demanding the dismissal of Sinai's security heads. 
The 25 commission to rule Sinai was more of a suggestion despite there are already lists with names . The main demand is to elect a new governor. 
There are no Jihadists or Islamists involved in the protests. Actually the protesters are leftists and local tribes. 

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  1. I don't know this really happening. I hope everything will be ok.


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