Sunday, November 4, 2012

#Live Update : Coptic Conclave

The Coptic Orthodox Church's conclave to choose the 118th Pope of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church Alexandria has started from an hour ago in the St.Marks Church in Cairo.
President Morsi is no where to be seen. To be honest I expected not to see him there.
There are hymns read by the chorus before the procedures to choose a boy from 12 Alter Boys. That boy will pick while blindfolded a folded paper with the name of the winner. The three candidates : Raphael Ava Mina , Tawadros and Raphael with my all due respect to their titles. The three current are staying at there monasteries waiting to know the results.
@09:21 AM Bishop Pachmious ,the acting Pope is addressing the audience with a small sermon about the church. Many TV channels aside from the Christian Channels are transferring the event like Egyptian TV Ch.1 , Al Maserya, ONTV, CBC and Al Jazeera Mubshar. 
@09:25 AM Bishop Pachmious explains in his sermon the mission , duties and responsibilities of the new Pope from the Bible 
@9:30 AM Here is a live coverage from the Church from ONTV Live , acting Pope Pachmious is still speaking 

@09:34 AM : In an interview published today in Al Masry Al Youm acting Pope Pachmious revealed that he got a promise from the three candidates to change the controversial 1957 elections law to allow more Copt Christians to vote and choose their Pope. 
Samir Marcus , the President's adviser is attending the huge event. Again I am not surprised. The representatives of other Churches in Egypt are there. 
The names of the Candidates are current put in small plastic balls in some container. 
@09:44 AM : There are prayers now to protect Egypt , officials and the people as well prayers for crops and productions ..etc. 
Morsi did not attend the elections , action Pope Pachmious says that he hopes that President Morsi will attend the inauguration of the new Pope. 
@09:54 AM : There are prayers now , specifically the Reconciliation Prayer 
@11:07 AM : There have been prayers, hymns and rituals so far preceding how the kid will be chosen and how he will choose one of these small plastic balls. 
The journalists and reporters are not allowed inside the mass currently taking place. I do not know when it will be finished to be honest. 
There are rumors claiming that Bishop Raphael will be chosen as the upcoming Pope !! 
@11: 19 AM : The mass is still on and acting Pope Pachmious will continue in his position till the inauguration of the Pope on next November 18th 
@11: 26 AM : Here is the big moment , choosing the boy from the 12 alter boys . extremely important as this boy will have the honor of choosing the Pope . The Boys look cute and small wearing the traditional church alter boys 
@:11:28 AM : Bishoy Gergas Massad is chosen , he looks terrified 
@11:31 Am : Bishoy is blindfolded 
@11:34 Am : Acting Pope Pachmious : Let's pray for one minute 
@11:35 Am : Bishoy has chosen Pope Tawadros 
Pope Tawadros 
@11:40 Am: Pope Tawadros II is the 118th Pope of Egyptian Orthodox Coptic Church. Here is a quick bio about Pope Tawadros II : Bishop Tawadros currently is the general bishop of El Bahaira. He was born in 1952 with the name "Wagih Sobhy Soliman" in Mansoura.
The member of the Holy Synod was graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alexandria in 1975. Before joining the monastic order , he used to work as a manager of pharmaceutical company in Damnhur. He joined the monastic order in 1986. He officially became a monk in 1988 then a priest in 1989
He was ordained as a Bishop in June 1997.
By the way 4/11/2012 , is Pope Tawadros II's birthday !!!
@12:15 PM : Pope Tawadros II is addressing the public at St. Bishoy Monastery. Egyptian Christians are overwhelmed for real. 

I can not hear what he says on ONTV. 
Bishop Tawadros is trending worldwide currently on twitter
By the way Tawadros means the Gift of God and many are optimistic that his name was announced at the time of Zhur Azan. Pop Tawadros was by the way the student of Bishop Pachimous 

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