Sunday, November 4, 2012

#Kuwait : And the Kuwaitis try to protest again and the government is cracking it down again

Kuwaitis demanding democratic political reforms in their country are trying once again to protest tonight. They are organized a new rally with the same name like the first huge one that surprised us all : Nation’s dignity.
Again the Kuwaitis are protesting against the Elections law that gives the ruler of the country , the prince the right to interfere in the process. I have just read some unconfirmed news that the Prince allegedly said that if the constitution court ruled out the invalidity of that law , he will accept and respect the verdict.
It is worth to mention that after the first rally from couple of weeks ago , the Kuwaiti government banned rallies and protesting altogether !!
There are rumors circulating that Kuwaiti government have paid millions allegedly to both Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya in order to ignore tonight’s protests as well the movement currently taking place in Kuwait.
There is even more disturbing rumors that Kuwait paid millions of dollars  to Jordan so it would send to Kuwait anti-riots forces !! Of course there is no smoke without fire and both countries have already signed 8 cooperation pacts today according to KUNA. The Jordanian minister of foreign affairs Nasser Gowda has denied from his side officially these claims. Gowda was already visiting Kuwait this morning on the head of that Jordanian delegation visiting Kuwait.
Today the Kuwaiti ministry of interior's special forces got orders to cancel all members' holidays till further notice.
A photo for the order from @Warahblog
Anyhow interesting enough Kuwait will hold a military exercise with the rest of the Peninsula shield force.
Amazingly I am witnessing online a new trend from Kuwaiti social media who are against this political movement declaring their support to the Prince as presented in the famous slogan “Allah , Nation , the Prince” . You can find this team in that hashtag #Kuwait praying all day long.
The MB enemy No.1 in the Gulf Dubai Police chief Dhahi Khalfan tweeted the following amazingly tweet

The Arab Gulf is standing today behind Kuwait whether a government or people , behind El Sabah and his government as well the loyal Kuwaitis for the sake of its stability.
Ironically these protests are regarded as Iranian Muslim brotherhood attempt to destabilize the Gulf and please do not ask me how. The MB members and supporters in Egypt do not hide their full support on the contrary they are thrilled.Of course this will increase the gap between the Egyptian State and the Gulf monarchies if you ask me.
@ 7:04 PM CLT Kuwaiti protesters began to gather from different areas in the capital and to meet at certain public squares and spaces to start the rally. After nearly half an hour the Kuwaiti special forces and police began to attack the protesters using smoke and tear gas grenades. The protesters screamed in return “Peaceful , peaceful , peaceful” . The helicopters also hovered all over these meeting points. There are have been injuries among the protesters as well ironically the police who were injured by the special forces.
Here is a video clip from Al Bayan Newspaper.

@ 8:30 PM Kuwait Local time Karamat Watan twitter account , the official twitter account of the rally’s organizers announced that it has ended the rally for the safety of the protesters who are insisting on its peacefulness. From what I understood the special forces were besieging the protesters and are refusing to let them leave. Of course this was followed by random arrests.
The rally was met by sound and smoke bombs , this is repression thus we announce the end of the rally
The detainees were transferred to some sports' field following the special forces
Now the protest is dispersed one hour earlier than its initial time , Dhahi Khalfan can sleep peacefully in Dubai  !!
BY the way if you want to understand Kuwaiti politics in English , I hope you follow this young lady from Kuwait : Mona Kareem
Here is another video showing the gas bombs .
By there were women who participated also in this rally that included many political forces and powers in Kuwait.
Those protesters chanted that sovereignty is for the people and the people want to down the Prince's decree. They sang the national anthem and yet they are being attacked now online in the worst way ever. Some protesters even held Kuwaiti flags with Prince El Sabah's picture. In fact a group of youth admitted to the Prince's Diwan a request to meet him in order to present their demands !!
The demand by @ralfadalah
You can see these in the photos below

You can see how the hospitals prepared this time , also how the doctors in the field
Here are also more video clips I found Kuwaitis chanting their national anthem

BY the tonight Kuwaiti TV kept showing TV shows speaking about protesting and how Egypt is not like other countries in the Arab world, I have heard this before !!

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