Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#Anonymous launches #OpEgypt

Anonymous group has launched Operation Egypt officially today
Here is the Press release. 
 I love this part 

 " To Dr. Morsi: Anonymous will not sit by and watch you washing away what thousands of Egyptians got killed and injured for. It’s your duty to listen to your own people. The decisions you made have cause the death of 2 young Egyptians in addition to hundreds more injured. In addition, your organized propaganda is portraying your legitimate opposition as if they are opposing the revolution, which you are destroying. We challenge your propaganda machine. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your organization’s websites, Anonymous will also make sure that you stand exposed against your people as well as the international community. Anonymous will not spare anybody who supports such crimes. It’s in your hands to stop this: continue hardening your head and you will be subject to civil protest - lend an ear to the claim of freedom from your people and the hostilities will cease."
Now Anonymous was being praised by the Muslim brotherhood for its role in #OpIsrael , I wonder how the brotherhood will attack and call Anonymous now !!
The big #OpEgypt moment will be next Friday "30/11/2012" where Anonymous hackers will bring down the following websites from around the globe.
More MB websites will be added. "I do not want to be mean but what about their media machine aka RSSD and the new Freedom and Justice news Portal !?"
Here is #OpEgypt's twitter account and Facebook Page


  1. Zeinobia, Remember that

    this was last year, and hence came the Bandetta.

  2. so do you support foreign groups interfering with Egypt's affairs? You support Anonymous now because you're on their side in that you both oppose Morsi- but what if you weren't? Don't sell yourself out just because it's politically expedient for you to do so. This group has targeted government websites in the past- would you like it if they took it to the next level and hacked into and brought down some websites we need? Please be a little more thoughtful in the things you support and have a mild dose of integrity.

    1. And here we go AGAIN ;( : Egypt's fear of foreign influence. the infamous third hand!

      We don't want foreigners! But we want their money because we are broke, unable to run our own affairs. We want them as investors and we want them as tourists although we call them "kafireen".

      Arrogance and stupidity in one package - so very efficient!!!

  3. Its just a kid with a mask. Dont take it too seriously.

  4. In response to the second comment- the first person's point is very obvious. He or she does not want to see support for foreign interference in Egypt's internal affairs. That does not mean that they don't want foreign investment. The difference is that it represents a lack of sovereignty to want other people to solve your political problems whereas investment is a company bringing its money.

    Arrogance and stupidity in one package- so very efficient!!!

  5. These are principles of fairness, dignity, and human rights. They know no boundary or nationality. These ideas are no more foreign than in any country of the world. When one man or group proports to solve problems without the will of the people then he/they are no leader. Until the people's wishes are met and balance is restored nothing good can come of this. To do otherwise is to fall back to a dictatorship of old.


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