Thursday, November 29, 2012

And Morsi lands on Time Cover

And President Mohamed Morsi has become Egypt’s latest ruler to land on Time magazine cover.

President Morsi of Egypt on Time Magazine cover

Already Starting from King Fouad I Egypt’s ruler has always appeared on the famous American magazine in a way or another. Presidents Nasser and Sadat broke the record unlike any other ruler in the Arab world except may be for Arafat or Qaddafi. He is the eighth Egyptian ruler to appear on Time Magazine.

There is little controversy in Cairo that the photographer who took that Cover photo of Morsi is Israeli. Nadav Kander took his shots yesterday in Cairo. Well honestly Kander is really good whether he is Israeli or Martian but I do not know why he did that extreme close up. I like the fact he did not airbrush the photo and left the Morsi’s face as natural as it is.

The Time magazine’s team published the interview of Morsi in the Time Website yesterday on the same day they conducted the interview.

As you can see Egyptians invaded the comment section. Morsi’s mention of the Planet of the Apes is the big moment of the day without doubt.

Aside from the interview Bobby Ghosh , the Time’s deputy international editor wrote an interesting Op-ed about Mohamed Morsi that you should read.I read this line from the piece and I read Morsi’s famous quote in Tahrir “The 1960s and what you know about the 1960s !!”

When the interview was scheduled, Morsi was riding high. His successful brokering of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas had given him widening international and domestic support, a feat unmatched by any other Arab leader in the modern era, and offered the prospect that Egypt might again lead the region as it did under Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s.

Nasser is like the bad ghost stalking the MB for real !!

Now some of the old Egyptian Chronicles readers know that I am big fan of Time archive and I did a series of posts about Egyptians on the cover of Time magazine. Here it is :

The international MB media machine works like hell indeed. The question is how this media machine is working on hiding its radical allies back home like those who consider Democracy an act of evil and America is the enemy !! You know these allies the MB has ordered to head to Tahrir square in order to cleanse from the current protesters in the upcoming Sharia Saturday. “Oh yes the MB called the Islamists to head to Tahrir square for the sake

It is worth to mention that Time Magazine included Morsi in its Time’s person of the Year and the MB and Islamists are doing their best to mobilize their forces online to vote and to make him the Time’s person of the year 2012. They are already spamming the people’s FB inboxes to go and to vote for Morsi.

Already thanks to the MB organized e-committee , we find all the surveys online in Egypt in favor or him and his decisions.

Oh Yes I am biased , too biased to my country , to my revolution and to honesty and I can not respect or trust those who break every promise they gave for the sake of the chair.


  1. I keep thinking that once Morsi has secured the dictatorship he'll be assassinated and then the leader the MB really wants will take the throne of the Pharaohs.

    1. Why would they assassinate him? He is 100 % one of them, flesh, bones, and skin, too. He speaks big, and promise much, and never follow up on his promises.

      If you means others will assassinate him, that is not likely. The only ones who are schooled in assassination are the Muslim Brothers, and other Islamists who graduated from the same school to more rigid and violent organizations.


  2. Outrageously biased, but IMHO, you are not biased to your revolution or to your country. You are biased to your self-righteous thoughts of false freedom and ad hominem hatred. If you took a step back from your'self', you will clearly see that you are so selfish that you cannot even respect others right in democracy because democracy did not serve your choice..

    Sorry for the aggressiveness, I am just a bit biased to commonsense..

    Mohamed Gaber

    P.S.: Belive it or not, I am not MB, CIA, FBI, KGB, or FIFA...

    1. +1

      and your "P.S." = brilliant!!

  3. Well, is Egypt a democracy? - let us see if Morsi governs like a democrat or whether he and the MB take all the power for themselves - lets see which judges are appointed, what hapens at Al Azhar etc - then we will know whether Egypt is a democracy or an Islamist dictatorship. Meanwhile, Zeinobia has good reason to be concerned

  4. Time Magazine put lots of people on it's cover. That include politicians, artists, scientists, and also criminals. Even those who are chosen as the person of the year are not necessarily good people. It is the people who are in the news each year. And hopefully they do see that some people from far away are spamming their site to vote for the God-chosen Mursi. They can see that in the disproportionate numbers that vote only for him. They don't take the time to vote for the others, up or down. The same thing happened before when people were voting for Ataturk, the Turkish dictator. Many in Turkey were voting for him, and most islamists around the world were voting against him.

    Anyway, whether Mursi is chosen, or not, it will not make him a real leader. I am told that he wants to be another Nasser, but he can dream. May be another Mubarak if he continue to say something and do something else.

  5. Well, I believe that Dr. Morsy will take so many important steps in Egypt's economy, and all what's heard and seen by our "Fake" media are just some lies to bring him down, they don't Egypt to get over the revolution's mess, so they can bring back the Military rule and dictatorship again just like the former president's years.
    All we have to do is to give him a chance, not some days or months, but the whole 4-year period and I'm pretty sure he'll make differences, and Egypt will totally recover from the previous 32 years of destroy, ignorance, and darkness.


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