Friday, November 30, 2012

#Nov30 in Tahrir square

And Egyptians are back again to protest in Tahrir square in another day of protest against not only the constitutional declaration but also the constitution draft.
The numbers currently in Tahrir square are not that big as it is expected.The secret word is "The rallies". There will be several rallies after Friday prayers from major squares and mosques in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir square.
Now to the street vendors are invading in Tahrir square as it is a big attraction now.
Ok Mohamed Mahmoud street is now peaceful , the Tahrir security committees set up barbed wires in the street. The Lycée Bab El Luk is coming out of a war movie. I took some photos it is terrible. I am thinking of some post about the lycée only.
Simon Bolivar square is being cleaned now yet the smell of tear gas grenades is extremely powerful. The entrances to Tahrir square from the square is being blocked by barbed wires too. Kasr El Dobra palace is extremely damaged
The Friday speech slammed the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists.
There will be rallies headed by ElBaradei , Sabbahi, Moses and others from Mostafa Mahmoud and Shubra.

@3:18 PM

Ok there is one main stage of Omar Makram for different political powers. As soon as this stage announced what happened to Morsi during Friday prayer in New Cairo , the protesters cheered. More people being to show and to come after the prayer , different ages and class as well backgrounds.
There are security towers set up in the different entrances of the square. It is worth to mention that I received some tips mostly for people close to MB claiming that the former Mubarak regime will create trouble again in Tahrir square as well in front of the FJP and MB HQs.

 El Fatah Mosque rally entered the square , it was quite big and colorful full of flags. The flags of Constitution Party , April 6 Youth , Socialist popular alliance party , Revolutionary socialist and Strong Egypt party were all there. The rally was led by Khaled Ali "who has become known to average Egyptians more and more", Abdel Hakim Gamal Abdel Nasser and Kamel Khalil. Khalil chanted against Morsi in the rally with all his strength while he was being held over shoulders.
Shady El Ghazli Harb was there too with his family "his wife and kids" , a lady standing besides kept saying when she saw him " do not let them "MB" fool ya Shady like the military".
Mamdouh Hamza was there since early Morning , I asked him about what he thought about the draft constitution and he told me that it was like a midnight robbery. I found him later speaking at the old retired military stage speaking about how those military veterans gave their life for restoring Sinai and yet Morsi lost it !!

@8:27 PM

Ok back home from 3 hours ago. The Tahrir square was full when I left as the rallies from all over Cairo and Giza reached to the square. The biggest rally I believe was the one coming from Mostafa Mahmoud as usual. The square was packed by middle class and Upper middle class holding Egyptian flags chanting "Down with the Supreme guide's rule". 
I saw the moment Hamdeen Sabbahi appeared on the podium and was received like a rock star or to be accurate as a leader. In fact some chanted "The president , the president" when he appeared on the stage among a group of TV hosts, actors and political activists. 
He spoke for about 15 minutes. "We will continue in our sit in till Morsi cancel his constitution declaration" He said adding he and other political parties and parties standing against the constitutional declaration as well the draft constitution are not standing Islam or Sharia. I recorded the whole speech. You may see it on Monday with the rate of speed I am currently uploading back in Cairo !!
Right after that I read that the main podium that ElBaradei would arrive soon. It was about 5 PM , I left. When I returned home I knew that ElBaradei arrived and announced that he will join the sit in at Tahrir square. oh yes El Bob is getting furious and he tweet this tonight.
If you are speaking about ironies, I missed the moment that Siyad Badawy of New Al Wafd Party when he held the poster of Nasser on the stage !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the slap on his neck affected his brain for real !!
Anyhow several newspapers and TV channels announced that they will be off next Tuesday for one day. 
Here are the photos I uploaded so far , turtle speed indeed


  1. a noticeable absence of people if you look at the live tahrir web cam. So the combined feloul and secularists can only muster what shall we say? 10,000? 20,000? even if we include passers by we might say around 50,000. Hmmm. Well they have every right to protest but looks like they don't have very wide support.

    1. Most were curious onlookers

  2. People 4realize that protests will not work to get rid of that religious scum bags But we will beat them in the referendum for sure. Remember how close Morsy did win only? Now he will face the wrath of the people.

  3. Religion screwed up things in Egypt.

    Dictators like Saddam, Mubarak, Gaddafi and so on did not just appear out of thin air. The sort of oppressive puritanism that Islam imposes on its adherents, the militant fanaticism that it promotes and the proclivity of the religion for organizing people for riots (after every friday sermon), meant that only a military strongman or a dictator can rein them in.

    The only thing changed after the so called Arab spring is that the secular dictators are replaced by much worse religious fanatics.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  4. The Egyptians are being pushed to an eventual theocracy step by step. It is the same scenario by which Iranian people were defrauded by Shia clerics led by Khomeini; using democracy as mean to establish a theocracy. The constitution originally adopted then by Islamists was as contradictory as the Egyptian draft constitution. The Khomeini's regime never implemented the parts which spoke of freedom and rule of law. Ten years after revolution the regime changed the constitution to make the non-elected supreme leader an absolute ruler with no check and balances. The presidency, parliament and judiciary became puppet departments under supreme leader. The president's (elected in a non-democratic process) power under Iranian constitution is the one that does not exceed the power a chief of staff and the decree of the supreme leader overrides everything.

    Egyptians, wake up before too late!

  5. just a thought.., isn't there a march today (saturday) hasn't it reached a million and growing....I know demos are no way to conduct politics especially when journalists feel it newsworthy when 20,000 people assmeble but not so when 1 million or more do. Depending on their affiliations of course.

  6. I personally, cannot understand a people, that after living under and accepting the likes of Mobarak, and the "Supposed Judical System", a system the was and continues to be constructed in the interest of TEN (10 %) percent of the people and asgainst 90 % of the Egyption people?
    In a country that is so backwards, that of the 90%, the average day wage is $2.00.....give me a break. Where is your understand of the facts.
    I watch it, you watched it, the whole WORLD has and is watching it in complete and total amasement that the "Suppopsed Judical" that should have3 been working in the countries (The PEOPLE's) desolved the paralment, thwarded the creation on a New Constitution, made NO other efforts in the namer of the People.
    But, at the same time were very interested in sustaining Mabark, the Mabark regime and the Judicial System.
    I if I were Mabark, I would destroyed the Judicial System, the system that put this absess on the ASS of the Egyption people in the first place. Incidently, I am a Muslim.
    But, in the case President Mohammed Morshidi, that isnot what you, the Egyption people got. What have you seen, what have I seen?
    I have saw, yes for afare, a man of Presidential Statue, that time to engage his brain, something you, (the read is in need of) and acting, NOT his behalf, of for his family or for the Brotherhood. This man not only presents Presidential, but he is the ONLY ruler in the Middle East today, that present as a Leader of his country, and as a Muslim.
    What a shame it is upon the ignorant support the continuance of over true un-realize justice!
    What I would suggest to the Egyptian people is to Engage Your Brains and demontrate for President Morshdi, who has been elected for a very short term, to allow the Parlament to create a New Constitution, new elections, andbased on the PEOPLE VOTE (Something even people in the United States of American donot have, YES, we donot have fair and free Elections in the US) to
    set for the new regime, the new government and a New President.
    Believe you me President Mohammed Morshdi is NOT Egypt problem or the Peoples Problem. Sometime, as I see it in this case, you are a people reduced to thing, who wants everything in the moment, thing that you can have it at the snap of Morshdis finger. NO WAY.
    NO Moshidi is NOT the Problem of Egypt. Marbark was, is and will continue to be the problem of Egypt long into Egypt's forture. By signing up to support the Egyptian Miliary's incasible demand for more money, Marback obligated Egypt, Financial, to the US Dictatorship, to the World Bank and the Internation Monitary Fund.
    If the people Egypy want someone to fight, I would but suggerst to you, you donot have to look to far. Marbark, anyone assoicate withj Marbark, the present "Supposed Judicial system, the US, the World Bank, and the Internation Monitary Fund, ALL have taken action against the Egyptian people, not in the interest of the majority, but in the interes of the FEW.
    Remember, in my past life, before becoming a Muslim, I was no different than YOU. With ouit ever a thoiught, I reacted. Form that place in life, I educated myself in many areas and final in Islam. Engage your Brain, DONOT others, even Muslims, to think for you, as it say's in the Quran, you and you Alone are responsbile for your action, be you a women or a man.

  7. I am truely amase, setting here reading a comment on the take over of Irain from the Dictator Shaw, who was bought and paid for by the US, who were sucking the out the Oil, the Minerals and Persia (Iraians Blood) as being somehow better, in the eyes of this anonymous writer to the Sha Rule of Khomenin.
    Construct here. I have seven (7) college degrees, National Honor Society Grad (top five 5%) 535 Semistor Hours og Grad work and am somewhat of a Scholar in World Religions. a Muslim, not of any sect.
    The Days for US Dictatort ship in it's Colonial Empire state to fall on that date, and continue to present date.
    Now...I often speak to the human issue of failing to engage one BRAIN, before engaing one tounge, hands or feet, as in exemplified by the afore write.
    Again, engage YOUR Brain.
    Now on to what was the follow-on to the Shia's decision to retake the country? We all ready undertand the readers simple minded response. But, what we want to under stand here, is the totally of the Shia's Actions. Since the take over by the Shia, and in spite of every DIRTY TRICK imaginable being played out against them by the Terrorists countries of the US, Israel, and the EU-NATO, Irain is aMilitary, a Financial, a Social, a Religions and on POWER in the Middle East bowing no no one. Futher all of the countries in the World right now are suffering because of being a "member of the world financial system. Ha If we rely want to take some level of understanding, and learn something from, world banking, is a case where bigger is NOT better, it is the place where you go to sell you Countries assest OFF.
    Now was was Iran, under the Shia, followings the 9-11 Attack of the US, by Saudi Arabian Citizens (SAUDI ARABIA) please ask yourself small minds? Well over 1.5 million Irains were in the
    protest the attack on the US. But this donot SELL in the Mida.
    What I would say here is that you may want to consider Al Jazarah, RT Russian TV, Irainian -Persian Press TV orccn Chinese TV is you ever hope to true any drift of what is going on there.
    I have been study the Nature of Human Reactions, as a Graduaste level, trained, experienced, Psychologist, to assertance to subject of REACTION. I found, without a great deal of effort, in researching Iranian Reaction(s), that there very in common with most other countries of the Free World, save the US who was attack by Saudia Arabia and they attack Iraq? If i search, just the past two hundred years, the period of the US's existance, I can find no Instant were Irain has made a unprovked attack on another country? But, in the case of the US, I gave up after 50,
    most of which resulted in the outright murder killing of inocent women, children, old men and non-combantant men, of which many were handicapped.
    Bottem line When I look at countries like Egypt, that 90% of the people have been religated to igsist on $2.00 per day. I think back to my fathers statement, to me, after I wonce made a flipant observation. "Until you have walked in their shoes you know nothing, you can express nothing, and you are the Dumb Asx, Not them.
    Just like Anal Sfinkers, of with they have, on oppions they will have 21 conflicting ideas to express all at the same time.
    Egypt, today, is coming of of a period of being like a zoo, with NO keep. President Mohammed Moshdi, as I see, has taken NO ACTIONS AGAINST THE PEOPLE, made decision(s) in his personal Interest, and is very carefully acting in the interest of the
    peoples of Egypt, insipite of their behavior. What more can you ask of an Interume President, who Is trying his damedist to force a Constitution to be written, allow future election, and accept what may.
    I have pointed ouit your enemys here in, I have suggested the tempoary sollutions, President Morsdhi, and It is in your hands, the hands of the Egyptian people to see there is change. DOONOT fool yourself by everything that the GREEDY who forgot, will somer how change color and ever think to support you now or in the future.

  8. So that you can come to some understand of the former Government of Egypt, I will attempt to enlighten you here:
    The Mabark Government, the Military, and the Judical System, where made up of a majority Coptics (Religious Sect), Kaffers (Pages or Non believers) or Other. This group of less than 10% of the population, less than 10 million people, saw fit to dictate how the remaining 90% of the people, some 90 million should live in abstract poverity at the level of $2.00 per day.
    Now the tables have turned, the minority community is all upset, rightfully so, but, not for a ligitamate reason. I you did nothing, but, reverse the impusition of circumstance on them, which is their preception, and really what they deserve, I might listen, on a case by case basis.
    But, today, we (the Muslim) are serving apples from the other side of the cart. You screw us for over 30 years, the Supposed Judical System was broke and you chose not to fix it, enjoying your lot. Well that has all ended.
    What I would suggest, only suggest, to the Head of the Coptic Community, is that he get his people out of the streets, and that he refrain from PISXING President OFF before he even gets started with "HIS" agend. Further, President Mohammed Mosdhi, appear to me, as a man who is a really Muslim, driven by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (in Totality), who has acted, who is acting and who will act, in the interest of ALL of the people, up to a point. That is why he had to, with no other choice, shut the Supposed Judical System down to allow the Parlement, unencumbered, to create a New Contitution. It is as plain to me as the nose on my face? Why, can you not see that the actions are for you?

    1. Is this guy threatening others! that is ugly. you want that ruined country? go ahead and take it. P.S. don't forget to put it in the garbage bin once you've completed destroying it.

  9. History is pre-written in muhammad ilmaghout's Tishreen's play. from revolution to another nothing changes. you can change the president thousands of times but can you change the people. No! The president is just a random pick out of the people.

    The real revolution will come only from within. Liberate yourself from despair , from ignorance, from fear, from hatred, from jealousy, from slavery to the material and no one will ever be a dictator upon you! no matter where you are, in the US, in Egypt, in China and even in Egypt.

    And Facebook will not help you to be there!

  10. "Egypt is like a mute person who says to a deaf person that a blind person saw a paralyzed person running after a bald person who was pulling his hair" funny but true analogy and grim situation. Nobody understands what is going on.
    Egyptians should vote No on the new constitution only if the judges agree to oversee the referendum.

  11. Dear Zeinobia are you all right? Two days with no news...Take care!


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