Sunday, December 2, 2012

#Tahrir : RIP Ahmed Naguib

And Ahmed Naguib has become the latest and fourth martyr “insh Allah” of Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes today after nearly a week in coma !! I snapped that shot for a banner calling people to pray for him.


Naguib was shot down by gunshots in the latest Mohamed Mahmoud clashes from about a week ago. His condition was exactly like late Ahmed Jaber Saleh “Jika” whose funeral was only last week. Naguib is the fourth to be die in the latest political struggle in Egypt.

First we had Ahmed Jaber Salah aka Jika who was 16 years old then we had Islam Massoud who was 15 years old then we had Fathy Gharib who was a bit old , in his 40s !! Now we got Naguib , who is 17 years old !! The more the young will die , the anger will increase among his friends in the same age.

Ahmed Naguib was only 17 years old and he was shot down during the clashes by gunshot. The ministry of interior did not declare its responsibility just like in the case of Ahmed Jaber “Jika”but it is worth to mention that the gunshot extracted from the body of Jika proved that it was used only by police. I wonder what will come out from Naguib’s body this time !!

Naguib’s funeral will be after couple of hours @4PM from Omar Makram mosque. In Mubarak times that mosque used to have the funerals of the big rich regime icons but now it became the a refugee for the young revolutionaries dreaming for better future for their country; just like Sheikh Omar Makram would want it to be.

p.s : his family took his body and went to his hometown in Monufia where he will be buried , still protesters and friends will pray at Omar Makram mosque.


  1. no comments on the HUGE HUGE HUGE PROTEST?

  2. To Anonymous -What is this playground game of "mine is bigger than yours'?? You are playing with fire and it might burn you!


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