Sunday, November 25, 2012

#Damanhur : The first Fallen Victim

For the third day in row clashes between the MB and FJP supporters from one side and the protesters against MB and Morsi’s decision from another side in the city of Damanhur , El Behaira governorate.
Late Islam
Despite the lack of proper media coverage in the city and with the total absence of the police , the clashes escalated and a 15 years old was killed from few hours in the clashes. Late Islam was killed in the clashes tonight near the Muslim brotherhood HQ. From what I understood he dead after receiving a head blow. May Allah bless his soul.  
Some say that late Islam was a Muslim brotherhood member and some say that he was protesting against the MB. It does not matter if Islam is MB member or not , all what matters now that a 15 years old boy was killed in a fight between Egyptians.
The FJ in Damanhur is live broadcasting the clashes in UStream. The anti-MB protesters accuse the MB supporters of being armed and organized in militias. The police has been absent for hours but some are saying that it began to show up. It is a ugly street fight.

This is from the MB´s side "Mohamed Tarek"
From El Sa'aa square in Damanhur "@Zizooo_Tarek"
Here is a video showing part of the clashes uploaded from short time ago.

Islam’s blood will be used by both teams fighting each other in Egypt and it will increase the level of tension especially we are speaking about governorates. P.S MB leaders and leading members are using it to attack ElBaradei directly accusing him of staging civil war !!

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