Monday, November 26, 2012

#Tanta : Another Street war zone !!

As Damanhur is on fire especially after the murder of a 15 years old boy in the clashes between the MB members and the protesters , the city of Tanta is also on fire. The clashes have not stopped and people are extremely angry.
in Tanta from couple of hours ()
From what I understood the clashes erupted when the protesters knew that two from their side were kidnapped and beaten at the MB headquarter in the city. When I checked it seems that a young member from April 6th Youth in Gharbia was captured by MB and handed over to the police.

Protesters with sticks, do not know which team  "@3m_DOMYO" 
The angry protesters attacked the FJP HQ in the city from what I understood also. There is no media coverage too.
Sticks, Molotov cocktails, rocks are reportedly being used from both sides.The protesters are reporting that MB and Islamists are using firearms.
The protesters run ()

Over 100 were injured from both sides. It is no longer MB supporters and protesters as much as MB supporters and angry locals

This is madness.


  1. Stupid bloody Egyptians will never learn! One minute they demand the cleansing of the judiciary and then when the president takes the only route possible to do that they go crazy! I swear to God the ignorance is unbelievable. Nowadays it just looks like all Egyptians are idiots and cannot understand democracy at all and rule of law and I hate to say this but Omar Suleiman was right. Egyptians are not ready for anything less than dictatorship!! He was so right!

  2. The anti Morsi protesters are on the wrong side. The judiciary is dominated by pro Mubarak loyalists and they are blocking every move of the government. Nobody can rule a country with this kind of judiciary. Morsi is right in stopping this.

  3. You are talking offensive nonsense Anonymous. The Egyptian people are an inspiration. Morsi has seized dictatorial powers and needs to be opposed.

  4. Is everyone called Anonymous round here? Morsi wants a judiciary dominated by Morsi loyalists and Mubarak's powers into the bargain.The judiciary needs sorting, but a Dictatorial Judiciary is far less dangerous than Judicial Dictator.
    Good luck in Tahrir tomorrow to all the gallant Egyptians who lead the world in understanding and fighting for democracy!

  5. Morsi is just using this as an easy route to a hard line Islamis country.

  6. Dear Zeinobia, congratulations. Your blog is important enough for "some people" to try and attack it. Don't let yourself be intimidated. Keep up informing the world of what's going on in Egypt!

  7. Judiciary can be cleared via democratic processes. I suggest half be elected directly by local constituencies and half be appointed by elected officials subject to confirmation of the ballot.

  8. I thought Zee said that offensive and nasty post weren't allowed and would not be posted.

    The first post offended me deeply, for when we call names for an entire culture of people, there is surely something very wrong with him and that.

    Try pointing a finger (anoynomous) at another and you'll see 3 of them come right back to you . Try it, it never fails if you have 5 fingers on one hand that is :(

  9. Wow. Do you live in Tanta? I would surely hope that you provide more news of Tanta seeing as I am also staying here. Hopefully, things won't get as crazy up till the point I can't go outside. Hopefully.


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