Monday, November 26, 2012

#Tahrir : Mohamed Mahmoud 2 Detainees testimonies

I attended today the Press conference of the political parties and powers that are organizing tomorrow's rallies and big protest in Tahrir square. The presser included the testimonies of two citizens who have been released in the past couple of days after being arrested in Mohamed Mahmoud street and Kasr Al Aini street.

This is Ahmed Atef, a student from Suez who is not a member in any party or movement. He was arrested on November 19th,2012. He was dragged in the street by CSF conscripts while being beaten in Sheikh Rihan street.When the conscripts saw that he got an old injury in his head , they kept beating him in his injury.His finger was broken from beating while he was trying to protect his head injury.

 He was transferred in a police vehicle full of urine to the CSF camp."illegal detention" He was put along other 89 prisoners in one cell that fits about 30 detainees.
He saw inside detainees who were not even protesting yet arrested and even beaten badly. He saw inside children begging the conscripts not to lock them up !!
I am currently uploading the other testimony , it is taking a lot of time. I thought it is better to spread awareness about the first testimony without any delay.
According to human rights lawyer Ragia Omran not less than 350 have been arrested and nearly 150 of them are minors !! Some of them are school children arrested with their bags and some of them are street children.
Restructuring and purging the ministry of interior has been a common priority demand for almost all the Fridays, all the respectable political powers. In fact one of the demands of the political powers against the Constitutional declaration in this crisis is restructuring the MOI. One of the demands in the Strong Egypt Party initiative issued today is to restructure the MOI.
It is worth to mention that the MB members believe that the MOI is doing its job in protecting the nation in the recent event and the protesters are hired thugs. They believe that detainees deserve what they suffer from unfortunately. I hate to say but I did not imagine them to support the MOI. Of course they are still living in the illusion that Morsi will purge it  but he was waiting he is golden moment.
 SO Far Presidency supports the Ministry of interior and even boldly demands it to arrest the murderers of Islam and Jika when actually we found out that the bullet that killed Jika is only used by the MOI in Egypt !!
I believe that despite what MB witnessed from crimes in those 80 years , its current leaders do not want to purge the ministry of interior for real because they need its fist to be brutal as it is to crack their opponents.
I do not need to tell you how many testimonies I have from Alexandria about collaboration between the MB and the MOI against the protesters.
Again I did not elect Shafik and I did not boycott the elections because I did not want to see or hear or read these kinds of testimonies.


  1. I am sorry to say this, but this is the sole reason why I have boycotted the pres elex rerun. I loath the former regime and thus abstained for voting to a crony of the old system. I also did not to put my trust in Morsi, even though I wanted him to win just not to give the traitors (The previous Mubarak regime) a chance.

    I just didn't want to be hold responsible for any mistreatment Morsi and co might do against Egyptians. And unfortunately I was right by not voting for Morsi in order to avoid the fingerpointing of "you're responsible for this jerk".

    May God bless Egypt for its people have suffered too much. And hopefully Morsi will truly fear God and do the right thing for the country in order to make it a proper, democracy.

    1. Full responsibility now lies with Morsi, however, naivety and irresponsibility for abstaining is exactly what has put us here now, with all my respect democracies have never been won by abstaining!!

      Morsi hasn't shown any fear in God so far and he's unlikely to in the future... he's too busy taking as much power as he can from us and using religion whenever he and his cronies can to do it! That was the fear from the start and THAT was exactly why those who abstained helped him get there.


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