Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#Tahrir : Egypt awaits a big day today

After few hours Egypt will have another round rallies and protests against the constitutional declaration issued by Mohamed Morsi last Thursday. These rallies and protesters are considered as an escalation by political powers. 
Now the plan will be as follows : 
There will be two rallies from the journalists syndication and bar association downtown Cairo to Tahrir square at 1 PM. 
There will be 3 major rallies in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir at 5 PM : 
  • One from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in Mohendessin Giza 
  • One from El Fatah mosque in Giza too "It will be led by Amr Hamzawy"
  • One from Shubra roundabout "It will be led by Mohamed ElBaradei and George Ishak
I do not know if the Ultras will participate or not as sometimes their movements are unpredictable like on Friday. 
Now these protesters want the following : 
  1. Morsi cancels the constitutional declaration. 
  2. The restructuring and purging of the ministry of interior 
  3. To issue a true law that grants the martyrs' their rights through real investigations and to cancel that emergency exceptional law. 
  4. To reform the constituent assembly 

 The political groups participating in the rallies against the constitutional declaration include the Egyptian Popular Current, the Constitution Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Karama Party, the Free Egyptians Party, the Freedom Egypt Party, the Revolutionary Socialists movement, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, the Maspero Youth Union, the "Ahmed Maher Front and Democratic Front", part of the April 6 Youth Movement, the Youth for Justice and Freedom Movement, the Free Egyptian Movement, the National Association for Change, the Kifeya Movement, the Free Front for Peaceful Change and the Lotus Revolution movement.

There will be also rallies organized in the governorates against the constitutional declaration in Alexandria, Fayoum, Kafr El Sheikh, Sohag and Damietta as well in Sharm El Sheikh south Sinai.
The Muslim brothehrood and Islamist powers from Salafists and Al Gama'a Al Islamiya but wisely they cancelled it. They say that it was better to cancel it for the best interest of the nation while others say that they are afraid
By the way here is Tahrir square at Monday's night 
Tahrir's night by Pierre Sioufi
By the way schools are off yesterday and several companies and banks in Downtown will be closed just in case.


  1. They say purge the MOI. Okay fine. Can you get Amr Hamzawy to go on Al Jazeera and tell us all what his first steps would be to start that process. I'm interested to hear how HE would go about it if he were in charge and I would like his step by step details.

    That should shut Mr Hamzawy up!

    All these protesters do is talk! they have not come up with one unified detailed solution to anything or how to implement it!

  2. "The restructuring and purging of the ministry of interior"

    One of the anti Morsi demands.

    I'm assuming El B and Sabahi and Hamzawy have a precise plan on how this will be done...... Yes?
    Can we read it? is it available on the internet?

  3. Protests are also planned in Hurghada.

  4. People seem to forget that the judges tore apart and disassembled the people's choice to represent them in the Parliament awhile back. The Brotherhood members and the place was locked up and the key taken away.
    The Judges are still the same old Mubarek people.

    No wonder he wanted to do something about them.

    Who knows what is going on "behind closed doors".

  5. Egyptians must learn how to manage freedom.


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