Thursday, November 15, 2012

#Gaza : Another day in the #Mideast, babies killed , #Anonymous reacts and Egyptians protest "Graphic"

I can not find a suitable headline for this post , for the past 2 years these scenes and situations have become a norm for us.
Here is the situation in Gaza , babies and children killed as usual and it is not about the security of Israel more about the security of Bibi in the bloody elections.
"Warning : Graphic content"
Late Hanin before and after
Late Jenny
Jenny from Gaza was featured last night in the media not because she was pretty but because her body was turned as you can see. She was eliminated along with Jaabari !!
Jenny was not alone as you got the international wanted terrorist 11 months old Ahmed  Masharawi was eliminated too and the world is a happy place again !!
Terrorist Ahmed Masharawi

Terrorist Ahmed yesterday
Ahmed's father , BBC Arabic Photographer Jihad Masharawi
Jihad is asking why his little baby was killed and I do not think that he will know the answer
Now Anonymous has launched #OpIsrael and they started it with top Israeli top security website called ""
A screen capture for the website
It is not only Anonymous that started to target Israeli political websites but also Kuwaiti hackers started to hack Israeli websites. Kuwaiti hackers attacked and hacked Israeli Likud member and MK Danny Danon who was working on collecting signatures in order to cut off electricity in Gaza. 
Danon's website
Danon's website
The IDF media machine did not stop working all night long. The IDF published a video showing how the Israeli forces hit the car of Jaabari yesterday.

To show itself as ethical army "and do not ask me how" Avichay Adraee " published on his twitter account a copy for the flyer the IAF is throwing on Gaza to warn the civilians from getting close to Hamas centers and members.
I asked Adraee directly if the Biblical name of the Pillars of Cloud was chosen in order to send a hidden message to Egypt but he answered no. Now if IDF had chosen a Biblical name (Exodus 13:21) for its operation , Hamas also chose a Quranic name "stones of shale" (Qur'an 105:4).

In Egypt

Now concerning Egypt , well President Morsi held an emergency meeting with the PM , minister of defense and minister of interior to discuss the developments in Gaza. The meeting which was held at the Presidential palace early today was attended by Pakinam El Sharkawy, the President's aide for Political affairs and Essam Haddad , the President's aide for foreign affairs and international cooperation.
Jaabari, Shalit and Shahata
Morsi also spoke in a Televised speech where he condemned the attack demanding Israel to stop it immediately.
On the other hand head of Egyptian intelligence Rafat Shahata has cut his visit to Turkey and returned immediately to Cairo to follow up the latest updates in Gaza. Shahata is from the key players in reaching out for a truce "that has become a past" between Hamas and Israel in the past months.

Rafah Crossings have been opened from the Egyptian side since last night , no vacations for workers. Only injured Palestinians are allowed to entered. Al Arish General hospital is now ready to receive injured Palestinian.
Now there are news concerning Egyptian military enforcements in the borders and at the same time the chief of staff Sobhy Saleh is visiting military bases at West Suez area according Colonel Ahmed Ali , Egyptian army Spokesperson.
Today we are having several protests in solidarity with Gaza. First we had a protest at League of Arab states at 12.30 PM where hundreds of protesters demanded the government to cut the relations with Israel. Despite there were different political powers , it was dominated by Islamists.
Ahmed Seif El Doula, the nationalist activist and President Morsi's advisor has participated in that protest.
Here is a photo gallery from dear friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din.

There will be another protest at LAS at 4 PM.

@8:20 PM

Many updates happened all that time.
First of all Sirens have been heard in Tel Aviv and Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility of rockets that struck Tel Aviv.
This is considered the first time since 1990 that Arabic rockets would hit Israeli capital. Nevertheless Israeli officials deny that it hit Tel Aviv.

and Yet Israelis are speaking about a rocket that hit Holon area near Tel Aviv. Now The IDF and its official spokespersons online speak about land offensive , of course I do not know if they can do it or not but this is dangerous escalation.

El Kassam brigadiers also announced that they hit down a drone.

Tonight is another scary worrying night as Israel announced that it called 3000 reservists for service preparing for another Gaza invasion. 

Tomorrow a high official Egyptian delegation will head to Gaza. The delegation is headed by Egyptian PM Hisham Qandil. Of course Qandil is not the only important Egyptian official heading to Gaza , head of Egyptian intelligence Shahata will accompany him. Other names announced in the delegation include President's aides Pakinam El Sharkawy and Essam Haddad. I think Pakinam is not going to play an important role like both Shahata and Haddad. The minister of health is going with them too. Without doubt having Shahata in the picture means there are negotiations of truce taking place.

According to analysts in Egypt , this visit is approved and even recommended by not only Egypt but rather the United States. Obama already spoke with Morsi today and according to AFP the States asked Egypt to mediate between Hamas and Israel. Already at the time Muslim brotherhood members , supporters and Facebook pages claiming since the morning that Egypt is refusing to mediate between Hamas and Israel and he hang up on Bibi , Hamas officials told BBC correspondent in Gaza Jon Donnison.

There is news that Tunisian delegation will accompany the Egyptian delegation in its visit.

Humanitarian delegations started to head to Gaza already. The Arab Medical union is sending Envoys from now and is actually accepting donations. Strong Egypt Party “which is founded by Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh, the head of the Arab Medical union” is also organizing a convey to Gaza that will depart on Sunday. Mosireen will organize a convey if I understand right.

By the way the death toll in Gaza has reached to 16 including 4 children and pregnant women


  1. This would not happen if Hamas was not hiding among civilians. Israel is not targeting babies on purpose, however, Hamas and all those terrorists are targeting Israeli civilians, shooting rockets on them who never harmed them. Now they get some taste of what they did to Israel.

  2. Well, Zeinobia - I could tell the stories of many innocent Israelis including children killed
    by Hamas on purpose but that wouldnt get us anywhere. I could post a photo of Mira Scharf -
    the pregnant women killed by Hamas rockets but that would only inflame the situation. We may be heading towards an Egyptian-Israeli war, which neither you nor I want and would be a great tragedy for both countries. We can work to maintain the cold peace and calm the sitution, we can oppose extremism or we can watch the Middle East explode. I understand your emotions but when this round of fighting is over (soon I hope) those of us who are willing to live together in peace (if not love)
    need to at least dialogue.

  3. Zeinobia,

    I am hearing from more than one source that the Israeli's were able to hit Hamas's military leader in his mercedes because there was a tracking device in the car. Guess who gave the car as a present? The Qatari Emir on his visit a few weeks ago!

    1. it was actually kia car. there are so many clips around - it is some how ridiculous that you publisn such a trashy theory.

  4. Its very sad.

    The elections are responsible in the sense that it caused Bibi, at last, to take care of the constant attacks from Gaza on the Israeli towns across the Gaza-Israel border.
    The Salfists/Jihadists in Gaza backed by the Hamas never stopped firing, even when there was a so-called "truce" in the last 2 years.
    A complete stop of fire from the Gaza side will be answered by a complete stop of fire from the Israeli side. Will it happen? I am skeptical. Rational thinking was never the strong side of the extremists in Gaza.

  5. Well, Israel agreed not to strike while Kandil is in Gaza. Now while Kandil is in Gaza condemning the Israeli agression, Hamas fires 21 rockets into Israel.
    Food for thought?

  6. so much talking about "dignity" and nothing of the kind in real life. two talentless clowns put up this disgusting show and everybody is supposed to cry. do you think that jew have no corpses and limbs to display? today the lob iranian rocket to jerusalem. it falls between jerusalem and ramlalah. suppose it hits al-quds during friday prayer? what then they would say?

  7. They would say Israel did it because they are such stupid and gullible people...

  8. Mohammad Merah went to a school to look for Jewish children; the Sbarro's pizza bomber drove around for 20 minutes before choosing his target, based on the row of baby carriages parked out front; the first World Trade Center bombers shot at a school bus on the Brooklyn Bridge; bombers who choose schools, malls, buses, airports...for whom do you think that they aim? Soldiers? The Palestinians lost the battlefield war 65 years ago. It is their great insight that dirty wars against civilian populations can also be fought, that keeps the casualties coming.


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