Friday, November 16, 2012

#Gaza : Day#3 rockets and visits “Updated”

Today is the third day of the on going mini-war taking place between Israel and Gaza , between the IDF and Hamas. For the second day sirens heard in Tel Aviv as the long range Fajr homemade missiles reached the city. Israeli officials say there are not casualties. El Kassam says that it fired rockets towards the Knesset yet sirens have not been heard in Jerusalem though. Israel continued its strikes in North Gaza. Bibi has recalled more reservists. Israeli channel 2 says that 75000 reservists will be drifted. I do not know if it is a psychological warfare or we are in front of a preparation for a land invasion.
One year old baby in Dar El Shafaa 
Now @9:07 PM CLT the latest numbers form the ministry of health in Gaza are as follows :
  • 24 martyrs including 8 children , 3 women and 4 elderly
  • 270 injured including 101 child and 96 women
IDF sent SMS to Gazans today warning them from being close to Hamas locations.
The next phase is coming soon, stay away from Hamas
Sender IDF "@RanaGaza"
The problem there is not much space for the Gazans to escape or to hide at in Gaza. The Gaza strip is  smaller in Cairo for God sake !!

In early morning Egyptian PM Hisham Qandil has visited the sector in the protection of Egyptian special forces for 3 hours. Qandil went with the minister of health and Hossam Haddad , the president's aide for foreign affairs.
Some sources say that head of Egyptian intelligence Shahata did not go with Qandil. Well I have not seen in the visit's footage but logically the head of intelligence will not go visiting hospitals when he has a bigger role aka negotiations.

Qandil visited El Shafaa hospital where he witnessed the death of 3 injured including a child. Egyptian military jets are going to transfer medical aids to Gaza. Our PM who is so happy by our first civilian president says that Israel has to respect International treaties. Of course Qandil must understand that our civilian president is facing a very tough exam , if things go out of control or wrong , Egyptians will say that we do not need a civilian president.
Qandil kissing the forehead of that child killed today
Former presidential candidate and head of Strong Egypt party Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh is already in Gaza heading the Arab medical union's medical convoy.Abu El Fotouh is the head of the Arabic medical union. He addressed Gazans in a speech after Friday prayers. His action made him earn a lot of admiration back to Cairo.
Abu El Fotouh in Dar El Shafaa hospital
Abu El Fotouh came with a group of Egyptian doctors.
It is worth to mention that several Egyptian parties above them Strong Egypt party will organize a medical envoy that head to Gaza on Sunday. The parties will hold a press conference tomorrow in Cairo. These parties and movements so far are : Strong Egypt Party, Constitution Party,The Popular socialist alliance Party, Popular Current and revolutionary socialists.
I believe it will be a strong message and will force Israel to stop its attack if president Morsi and PM Erdogan of Turkey headed to Gaza tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If we are serious in finding a truce , this will be a strong message.
The Tunisian PM is going to head Gaza tomorrow by the way.There is unconfirmed news that Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei is going to visit Gaza sector as well. Dr. ElBaradei has been criticized from his late reaction regarding the aggression of Gaza.
There are protests today in Cairo and Alexandria as well other governorates from Port Said to Luxor mainly organized by Muslim brotherhood and Islamist powers from Salafists and Gama’a al Islamiyaa. It is worth to mention that the Salafists used the protests in Alexandria in order to market their views in the draft constitution !!!!!

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