Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#MohamedMahmoud : Let’s burn down This school !!

Today I paid a second visit to Mohamed Mahmoud street after passing by the torched Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr TV channel studio in Tahrir square and this is what I saw.
  • More people showed up in the street compared to yesterday in that time of the day. Still just like yesterday most of them are young teenagers and kids who came from school to join “let’s hit the cops game”
  • The smell of tear gas grenades was all over the place.
  • Protesters hurled rocks at the CSF and the CSF hurled at them rocks, chairs , computers as well tear gas grenades in return !!
  • The CSF occupied the rooftops of the two schools in Youssef El Gendy street from what I understood. I could not go there as I was hit in my arm by a rock thrown by some CSF conscript.
  • The CSF threw the Lycee school’s furniture including computers.
  • It was not a big surprise that some parts of Lycee were torched because of the Molotov cocktails. It was matter of time. I predicted it since I saw the scene in the morning.
  • The Lycee’s KG’s chairs were gathered when I was there to be kept away for the school.
  • There were injured , most of their injuries in the head. They were transported to some field hospital or Clinic by bikers.
  • A 10 years old kid standing outside the street told me not to go because “the army” was beating the protesters , I told him that there was no army and it was only the police. He told me that his friend is there and he did not approve that he would go there. He also told me that his buddy told him that “he is going there for the sake of Egypt !!”.
  • speaking about young generations and the future of Egypt , here is a statement issued by the Lycee El Horreya students. The LHC students demand the dismissal of the school for allowing the CSF to use and to destroy the school’s properties. The students will start an open strike till their demand is met.
The Lycee´s students´statement
  • Well I think the students will be forced to have an open strike if the school is torched !!Anyhow I am proud of those kids.
Here are the photos I took today.

BY the way here is a preliminary list of detainees’ names arrested in the clashes.The ministry of interior announced that over 120 suspects have been arrested in the clashes.
I do not want to speak about Ahmed Gaber today , seriously I do not want tonight. By the way the MB boys are silent online. They have not received the orders yet.


  1. That photo set makes me worry for your safety, Zeinobia. Those guys look like potential rapists.

  2. I hope you are not badly hurt by that rock Zeinobia. Do take care!!!

  3. I don't know the background of this for the current upset and rioting. Why do the kids not want this school anyway? What is the background of the story?

    Who is the CSF?

    Why are there drawings on the outer perimeter of the building? Who are they?

    Thanks in advance.


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