Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where is the intelligence in #Egypt from All this ??

Early Wednesday 5 rockets were fired from Sinai and hit Israel. Egypt denied the incident officially. Still Israel declared that 5 rockets came from Egypt but later on that bloody day it got busy with the hell it created in Gaza with the Jaabari’s assassination.

On Friday A Jihadist Salafist group in Sinai “Shura El Mujahadeen” declared their responsibility for firing these rockets !! The group also announced that these rockets hit their targets in Israel according to a video Al Shorouk newspaper’s correspondent in North Sinai Mostafa Singer got a copy from. Here is the video.

Also on Friday more rockets were fired from North Sinai and fell near some Israeli village on the Southern Israeli borders

Where is the intelligence from this ?? We can enter war or rather be dragged to war because of these actions because of our intelligence failure. Getting rid of these groups from Sinai is a must now. We can not wait till we amend Camp David accord, you got Special forces you brag that they can bring down mountains unleash them on these groups for God sake !!!

This is intelligence failure not to mention an army failure too that shows how vulnerable we are.


  1. I wouldn't worry about being dragged into war with Israel over these rocket launches, Zeinobia. That wouldn't be in anyone's interests.
    Morsi's first priority is making Egypt attractive for transnational capital investment. This is the reason for the official denials of these incidents. He wants a safe and stable Egypt that he can 'sell' to investors. If he's smart (and I think he is), he won't let anything jeopardize that. In fact, I would be surprised if Egyptian and Israeli intelligence were not in full communication regarding these incidents.

  2. You are falling into the west's Zio-trap. Israel starts a war or expels Palestinians and it is somehow the duty of all the neighboring countries to ensure Israel suffers no consequence for its actions.

    Egypt isn't Israel's bodyguard. The Army can't control every part of Sinai, even if it wanted to. Egypt should announce it will do what it can, but that any incursion by Israel into Sinai will be a clear violation of Camp David.

    1. You suggest to turn Egypt into Lebanon of the 1970's?

      Allowing groups of crazy Salafist/Jihadists to take control over Egypt's war and peace decisions is a recipe for disaster.

    2. No I suggest to notice reality. Expelling Palestinians and periodically waging wars and campaigns of bombardment is an extremely destabilizing thing for Israel's neighbors. Israel then demands that those neighbors accept all the consequences of Israel's actions and use all their resources to ensure none of the blow-back ever touches Israel.

      This wouldn't be possible even with greatest effort. The US with its practically unlimited resources cannot stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens from Mexico. Egypt isn't going to be any better.

      But if Egypt accepts that responsibility it will be forever chasing its tail and never catching it and always in fear of Israeli "retaliation." And so the best answer is exactly what I wrote in my first comment:

      "Egypt should announce it will do what it can, but that any incursion by Israel into Sinai will be a clear violation of Camp David."

      Which part of that do you find disagreeable?

    3. "Which part of that do you find disagreeable?"

      Mexico is a satellite state of the USA, Is this is how you see Egypt? a satellite state of Israel? I disagree.

  3. Let us all hope and pray that Egypt and Israel will not be dragged into a war. Have you considered the possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood do not want to stop these groups?
    I dont think they want war with Israel now but of course they want to destroy Israel in the


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