Saturday, November 17, 2012

#Assuit : Mourning the 50

Since early morning Egyptians on social media are mourning the loss of 50 innocent child in Assuit.
I will leave you with these illustrations and graphics made online because I got no more to say.
"To the school we are going as millions of martyrs"

Assuit Massacre angel

Mourning : They are gone and they will not be back
First class in heavens : Attendance sheet
Save the rest of my brothers , the rest of the children

We got 4 siblings from one family , another 3 from another family and two siblings from another family. The families do not know the remains of their kids , they gathered the remains of their kids in plastic bags and they are waiting DNA tests.
Of course we got Egyptians “mainly from Muslim brotherhood” who are celebrating the Turkish PM’s speech at Cairo University and Egyptians who are dying to watch that football game !!


  1. and Zeinobia your comment on drivers in Egypt?

    Do you wear a seatbelt in every car you travel in?
    Do you strap in all children in cars you are in?
    Do you never use mobile while driving?
    Do you speed?
    Do you overtake recklessly?
    Do you slow down and stop for every pedestrian trying to cross the road?
    Do you refuse to get in a taxi that has no seatbelts?
    Do you get out of every microbus that is driving recklessly?
    Do your family and friends all have baby safety seats for their children in their cars?
    Have you ever driven with a child on your lap in the front seat?
    Have you ever been in a car and had children standing on the seats or heads out the windows as you are travelling?

    until you can answer that you follow all the rules of the road and know your highway code and know how to change a puncture and have a car that is completely roadworthy and safe and has legal tread on the tyres all lights working and can sit a European driving test then please stop condemning others and the government. We make change by changing ourselves. Egyptians have far to go. The tragedy is not the crash. The real tragedy is we have parents who allowed their darling innocent children to travel in a microbus KNOWING it was a death sentence and death trap. THAT my dear is the tragedy. How Egyptians are happy to let their children go to school in buses when they know the drivers are speeding and reckless yet they allow it with an Inshallah! That mentality is a big problem. Parents should be demanding that school buses be safe and driver qualified b3efore they put their kids on them but they dont. They prefer to weep and blame others as usual! Drivers in Egypt are a disgrace and I mean the mothers and father too!

    1. Asalamu Alaykom Anonymous,

      You are tactless and thoughtless and potentially heartless. Please don't come to a site mourning the loss of 50 children FIFTY CHILDREN and lecture about safety precautions.

      You are talking about safety issues which aren't even issues in this case. Buckling up wouldn't have done a thing! This wasn't a safety issue on the personal level but on the NATIONAL LEVEL. That is why the Transportation Minister stepped down.

      I'm an American kindergarten teacher in Egypt and I know how much I have always prayed for children to come to school safety and arrive home safely. Are you also going to lecture that we should pray differently? Astragferallah.

      I'll tell you something: you might want to ream out us mourners for our rotten country and rotten ways but YOU are the most rotten of all for not realizing when to keep your big, ugly mouth shut.

  2. Hello, I'm from Russia. I want to say that I'm very sorry that it happened, such a terrible tragedy. It's bad when people die. This is a hundred times more bad when children are dying. I express my sympathy to all the families of the victims.

  3. Asalamu Alaykom Zenobia,

    I just responded to the first comment and I don't think what I've written will go through...your call on that. I probably could have left out some choice adjectives. If you do decide on deleting it...can you just print the parts which aren't name-calling?'s been an emotional day. I also wrote something on what's happened. But, like you, I couldn't say much.

    May God watch over the children of Egypt, Gaza, Syria and all the other parts of the world.

    1. God keeps all children no matter what they are color and religion. Thank you for the article.

  4. Zeinobia;
    So..So Sad. Why though we are in the 21st century and still have train crossings in cities with no red flashing sign and electrically dropped barriers. Scenarios like this accident were happening in small towns in Canada(where I live) in the eighties. Since then the law is whenever train crosses towns,one minute before it arrives red light flashes and a post swings down. When the train leave the crossing it is automatically removed. I am not talking about fancy tools, just basics to alert cars and pedestrians of train coming. Really sad. If this happenned in Japan the mayor of the city will resign..

  5. It is very sad. This problem persists all around the Middle East, but Egypt siply bigger, so magnitude of problem is bigger. In the end it's all about stupidity and lack of responsibility of adults

    1. Completely agree with you. Responsibility is 100% with those parents who put 52 children on a bus made to carry 26! No excuses! They are to blame.

  6. The parents are to blame 100% I agree. How they can allow their children to travel in a bus that has seats for 26 which was carrying 52!!!!!!! is beyond me. To Yosra, You call yourself a teacher? Shame on you. I could NEVER work for a school in Egypt knowing that the buses are so badly unroadworthy and the drivers are driving recklessly and on drugs!! Shame on you. You know full well the risks every day and I am not just talking about ordinary risks. I am talking about extra ordinary where we as parents can make choices as to whether to put our children in these death trap school buses. But of course you as an American teacher wouldn't possibly travel in one of theose death traps yourself! your ex pat package would have you driving home in a car with a driver! Typical American hypocrisy as always!

    1. Asalamu Alaykom Anonymous,

      It's hard for me to wish you peace but I must. That's who I am despite who you are. You are very accusatory. That's a not a very good way to be if you want to understand a problem and find a solution. No one is ever 100% to blame. Blame is always shared.

      School buses are designed for three children to a seat. This is true all over. Little children sit comfortably like this. They sit behind tall seat backs without seat belts. This is true all over the world.

      You want to cast shame on me? What a strange thing to say. Are you a teacher? Do you currently work for a school? I have not seen what you are describing.

      Thank you for the laugh about my wonder "ex-pat package". I don't have a car with a driver. I ride the school bus. I have riden the school bus from three different Egyptian schools and I have confidence in their safety.

      As for me being a hypocrit, that's not for you to judge. You really don't know me. You seem to not know Egypt either. I will say that I've done a lot to help Egypt on very real and personal levels across all social, religious and economic groups. I am fully living in Egypt and as such I am contributing what I can. If you can do more than me, you are certainly welcome to surpass my efforts.



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