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Another tragedy in Upper #Egypt ,50 students killed "Updated" in train collision

A horrible tragedy to wake up and find it in the morning !! More than 47 student have been killed in a train crash in Mandara , Assuit ,Upper Egypt earlier this morning.
A train has hit a school bus carrying over 50 students in their way to their school. The students were in KG and Primary stages. The photos are horrible for the scene already. The early batch of photos from the scene are taken by "Osama El Sayed"
You can see the rest of the shocking photos below.

According to the ministry of health the death toll increased to 49 "it raised to 50" and the injured to 15.
The people of Al Mandara village have blocked the railway in order to search for the remains of the students. The families of the students cut the Assuit-Cairo agricultural highway setting tires on fire. I can feel their anger , for God sake they were gathering the remains of their children in plastic bags !! There are 3 brothers that are killed in that terrible crash.The victims are from 4 villages.
It is worth to mention that police only showed up after 2 hours of the terrible accident and one ambulance showed up at first with no first aid supplies. Some of the victims died in their way to the hospital.Already the injured were transported to Manfalut General Hospital that is already suffering from bad management and turned in to public market according to citizens in Manfalut.he army sent its helicopters to transport the injured to the military hospitals.
Here is a video where an eye witness explains what happens in Arabic.

The eye witness says that the train level crossing point’s guards were not there during the accident , in fact the level crossing “which is operated manually if I understood correctly” was open !! The eye witness demands the resignation of Hisham Qandil, the prime minister. He also slams how the officials in Egypt hurried to Gaza while they did not show up except so late in Asuit.
The minister of transportation has resigned while prime minister Qandil and minister of interior Gamal El Din are heading to Assuit. President Morsi has accepted the  resignation of both the minister of transportation as the CEO of Railways authority. Morsi vowed on his official twitter to hold anyone responsible for this tragedy  accountable 

Morsi spoke to the public in televised speech announcing that he ordered to referred all those involved in the accident to public prosecution. This is quick action and it is good to see him wearing black tie.
According to what the government announced the families of the deceased children will be compensated for each child LE 5000 !!! This is less than the price of iPhone 5 in Egypt , this is less than the Price of Macbook Pro in Egypt not even the Retina one !!! By the way the national mourning has not be declared and the Egyptian National TV is showing comedy film right !!

Here is another video from Youm 7

People in Cairo are extremely angry and they have to. This is the second related train accident in one month. Of course we need to wait for investigations still everybody knows that the victims of traffic and transportation systems in Egypt in one year are more than our victims in wars.
People became more angrier when they read the tweets and Facebook Status of MB leading members and FJP deputy chairman Essam El Arian calling for the return of the Parliament because of this accident and to hold the government accountable. He is political bastard who is only searching for his party’s gain. This is the second time he uses a disaster to call for the return of that bloody useless parliament of his party after the Gaza tragedy in less than 72 hours !!
Nevertheless there are still some politicians who understand what they should say

More updates :

PM Qandil and minister of interior Gamal El Din were kicked out of the accident's location by the locals including the families of the victims. The governor of Assuit was kicked out of the location. Qandil and Gamal El Din were also forced to leave after they were being at the hospital in Assuit. 
"The first demand for the people is Qandil to resign" and "Go away"
The MB governor Yahia Kashak is in deep trouble, in fact the MB as a group and Morsi as a president are in deep trouble. Upper Egyptians are extremely angry. The relatives of victims told Qandil that he has to resign when he went there. 
They also call night talk shows back in Cairo telling them they will not elect Morsi. 
"Upper Egypt made Morsi win the Presidential elections and it will make him lose"
An uncle of two kids killed in the accident told Al Nahar TV host Mahmoud Saad from an hour ago.
You must understand we are speaking about Upper Egypt , big families that are related to each other so these children got big families that are angry from their death.
Now there is news that the death toll increased to 52 child. There are families that could not identify their kids , as I hinted above the kids turned in to remain. They have to wait for DNA results. There is another agony there is one missing child that could not be found. 
Already here is the bus they were in. 

As we are speaking about the Poor Upper Egypt , this bus should only transport about 30 kids , it was carrying about 70 kid !!
The TV is forced to mourn the kids after higher orders. I do not understand , this does not need an order from the minister of information for God sake !!
The families of the victims are still angry , they cut the highways in Assuit as well the railways.
The agony has finished because for hours the University hospital in Assuit where the injured were transferred to was searching and for hours to find medical supplies needed in surgery and ICU !!! They were searching for "bicarbonate, Xilocaine ,Adrenaline" especially "bicarbonate". It turned out that there is national wide shortage for bicarbonate and a campaign launched online to search for it !! Another failure , another reason why we should all support the Ministry of health's doctors strike !! The Assuit University hospital already is the biggest hospital in Upper Egypt serving at least 6 governorates in the south of the country !!
Here is one of the injured students. "Photo taken by Mohamed Hashem"

The leveling crossing worker is being accused by the public prosecution of causing this tragedy. It is not about a leveling crossing worker who slept and left his work , it is a whole system !!
Here are videos from Mohamed Sameer Darweesh who went to the accident location in Assuit , extremely angry and sad. 
They are in Arabic

Morsi only cares about Delta despite our votes made him win.The kids were not going to a journey , they were heading to their school. Only two kids survived after jumping from the bus. The train could have stopped. 

The workers of leveling crossings do not show up and yet they demand more salaries !! No one listens or cares about Upper Egypt.
These kids are like the Ultras Ahlawy martyrs in Port Said.
You could not know the features of the kids. Now these videos show the train and the remains of the bus. The students notebooks
The books and school bags which the locals gathered and put it in one side till the police would come !!
Someone did not eat his or her sandwich.
Dozens protested in Cairo in front of the Cabinet HQ in Cairo.
From Taqadum El Khatib
 And thousands celebrated Ahly's football victory at the same time !!!!!!!!!!!!
From Gamal Selim


  1. Why should PM Qandeel be responsible? Isn't it the Governor of Assiut who is in charge of security in his governorate?

  2. @Zeinobia "the families of the deceased children will be compensated for each child LE 5000 !!! This is less than the price of iPhone 5 in Egypt , this is less than the Price of Macbook Pro in Egypt not even the Retina one !!!"

    I am sorry about this tragedy, but I am reminded of this scene from Bruno:

    So how did you find your son?
    I swapped him.
    You swapped him?
    Swapped the baby for what?
    For an iPod.
    Not just any iPod.
    One that was, like, limited edition, red. A U2 iPod. Heard of it?

    1. This is a terrible tragedy and your thoughts turn to some bad joke by a racist/classist comedian? And then you have the arrogance to post it here as if people will enjoy it the way you enjoy it! No. Making fun of impoverished people may please a specific audience (you, apparently), but the majority of the world would not find it funny at all.

    2. @Jason

  3. Hello, I'm from Russia. I want to say that I'm very sorry that it happened, such a terrible tragedy. It's bad when people die. This is a hundred times more bad when children are dying. I express my sympathy to all the families of the victims.

  4. @Jason, It also reminds me of this infamous day in the history of Egypt when the Israeli air force killed 48 and injured 50 Egyptian kids in cold blood.

  5. so sorry to hear this awful tragic news in the U.S. press today. We will keep the families and the children in our prayers.

    May their souls, R.I.P.

  6. Care to say when it happened?

  7. What a tragedy :( .. Allah yerhamhom .. Something needs to be done about traffic safety. I hope this is a wake up call for Morsi, to finally stop talking and start working for God sake!!!!!

  8. A heart breaking tragedy...their families are in my thoughts and prayers. 'A'zama-Ilahu Ajraka wa Ahsana 'Azaa-ka wa Ghafara Li-Mayyitika wa Alhamaka Sabran wa Ajzala Lana ZaaLika Bis-Sabri Ajran'

    In the US, all school buses are required to make a complete stop and look to the left and right before entering a railroad crossing. Many rural railroad crossings are unmanned and without automated gates in the US. Safety procedures in Egypt need to be reviewed to prevent this from ever happening again.

    The lack of an adequate medical emergency response also requires a complete review. It is distressing to think that some of the precious little children may have suffered at the end because of a lack of a timely, well-equiped, and trained medical response. Egyptian doctors and hospitals can do better. Do not wait for a solution from the government.

    1. Absolutely agree :) Egypt does not the government but in the meantime people can take care of safety

    2. *does need (previous post)

  9. i dont get it.. why u are mad with ur own elected gov as if they the one who drove the bus?? in this case,everyone is to blamed! do u see how egyptians drive their car?? madness!!! please change ur attitude in traffic first..

  10. If this would have happened anywhere in Europe or in the USA, the government would have ordered a day of public mourning. In Egypt Al Ahly's championship is celebrated and the President's decree is talk of the town. 50 dead children are forgotten pretty fast. :(


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