Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Low in #Egypt TV History

In the past two years Egyptians proudly have made TV history unlike any other Arab country when you think about :  live fights , ex-President trials , extreme dirty smears , presidential debates  and interesting interviews with girls who bleed blood and thugs yet none of them reached to that low level of Gamal Marwan.

Gamal Marwan , the owner of Melody TV channels has just released an ad ; the ad of his divorce from his wife Jihan in the most humiliating insulting way ever !! He mentions that he divorced her and paid a pound for every day she spent with him shocking divorce documents in most disgusting way !!!

This ad which is aired on Melody TV channels all day has been posted online in Melody official YouTube channel. I will not wonder on how Gamal Marwan can do this but I wonder how a father would do such thing to his children. I believe he got 4 kids from his wife Jihan. The youngest was born last year !!

You know it is not humiliating to her as much it is humiliating to him.

This is the lowest thing for real when You think about it , you hit rock bottom for real !!

Update :

Now I remember it , this is Gamal Marwan who refused to admit that he is a father of a child from some Lebanese singer in 2010 in some big scandal. Gamal Marwan is a big jerk and asshole. This is the conclusion.


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  2. His wife is Amr Moussa 's daughter? Am I not right?

    1. No his wife Jihan is actually related to him from his mother's side, her granddad was Abdel Nasser's brother.

      Hania Moussa used to be married from his brother Ahmed

  3. Her name is Gailan not Jihan and she is Gamal's cousin. Hania was married to Gamal's brother. I do not know what kind of marriage Gailan and Marwan had, but neither she or the children need to be humiliated so publicaly.

  4. This jerk probably has a European residency. I wish his x-wife can find a good British divorce lawyer to sue his a__. It is a real travesty his behavior is legally tolerated in Egypt. This ad will not tarnish him only, but will be used to demean Egyptian men. His remorse, if and when comes, will not erase this stupid action on the age of youtube.

    The least to be done is to start a campaign to boycott Melody and it's advertisers.

  5. I'm in shock! This is definitely the most humiliating, low reaction to a divorce by an arrogant worthless jerk who clearly doesn't have anything better to do with his money!

  6. She must have done something really horrible herself. We don't know both sides of the story.

  7. sorry Zeinobia but some times your blog became like paparazi gazette

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