Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The problem of the Muslim brotherhood “1”

I got many ideas and theories about the problem of the Muslim brotherhood currently in Egypt and I decided to share these ideas , they are not organized in a professional way

The Muslim brotherhood and being a secret organization :

The MB is facing a huge problem now , it officially rules the country through DSC03317a president and Shura council yet it does not want to act as a transparent political party open for criticism as well to renew its ideas or its methods and techniques. This problem is resulted from the fact we are speaking about a political religious underground organization that managed to survive in Egypt for 80 years thanks to its secrecy.

The MB is not used to be open nor transparent. In fact it is hard for that group to be open for real transparent political partisan activity in two years after 80 years of working in darkness. I will dare to say that the Freedom and Justice Party can not be separated for this reason. The MB is its backbone , brain and heart.

Due to its secrecy , it  is not used to be open from criticism , in fact it is not used to democracy when it comes to decision making as it claims. Of course they will claim that they elect their Supreme guide bla bla bla , well the ruling party in China also elect its leader !! 

So you got this problem , they do not only have a Shura council but rather a president under the spot light while they maintained most of their life in darkness except what they wanted to show the world in time of Mubarak as PR.

We got a a religious ideological group that based on complete blind obedience to your superiors , if anyone opposes this or even tries to think with his mind than he is being punished and considered an enemy to the MB and this is why the MB and Mohamed Morsi’s presidency staff can not tolerate any kind of opposition. This is why you find the MB is shocked at the moment of opposition of the street and believes that it is not the correct type of opposition.

Being a secret organization that faced a lot of undeniable oppression in the past resulted in having that on going feeling even within the youngest member who was born in early 1990s that the whole universe is plot against them as it was represented in the famous tweet once posted by @Ikhwanweb “why do you hate us”

The secrecy of the Muslim brotherhood as well years of oppression leading to mistrust made the leaders of the brotherhood regard an outsider as potential enemy not even an outsider. This is what they teach to their young members.

Single Ruling party mentality

The Muslim brotherhood and its political arm “Freedom an Justice Party” would have succeeded in ruling Egypt in those few months in the way they wanted if they had been in times of dictatorship and one single party rule. Actually if you think about it the MB itself is being raised “after the Coup of 1952” and lived most of its life in the single party’s dictatorship rule regardless of its military nature. This is why it is often to hear the MB members and supporters wonder boldly on how the opposition was not that vocal during the time of Mubarak. The MB still believes that after 25 January revolution with that huge revolution in telecommunications that the ruler of Egypt will be idolized and obeyed.

Democracy is only a means

Democracy is only a means for the Muslim brotherhood in order to get to the rule , it is a fact. Unlike other parties , the guidance office and the Shura council “who are currently dominated by Qutbists” do not allow anyone to think outside the box to have a voice in the brotherhood and the examples of the defectors whether from leading members like Abu El Fotouh or Mokhater Noah or even young members like Ahmed Samir or Islam Lotfy are enough. Taking in consideration these are examples of men who wanted to be open on other political groups.

Only from few years women were granted the right to participate in the brotherhood’s internal elections and based from what I see and read from their women’s icons , their idea about the role of women in the society is conservative one.

Country Side Vs. City and Salafism’s effect

Late Hossam Tammam , the famous researcher in Islamist affairs made a series of studies about the Muslim brotherhood before his death last year which I believe everybody should read and understand. He believed that the guidance office and Shura council are being controlled by that conservative trend coming from country side which is closed to Salafism unlike the past. Already we are not only speaking about the leading members in the guidance office or Shura council like Khairat El Shater “A Qutibist”  but the majority of the MB members for instance in Nile Delta. Their own interpretation of Islam is closer to Salafists

of course this is being hidden from Western media because the MB’s guidance office wants.

This point can help us to understand that amazing semi-alliance between Salafists and Muslim brotherhood. Of course this alliance is too fragile and the MB’s leading members know it because unlike MB , the Salafists are not centralized and it is enough to know that some Salafists think the MB is not Muslim enough. 

This besides the fact that many of the Salafist preachers are state security men that used to spy on each other and actually the Salafist trend was being enforced to hit the MB politically through competing over religious based vote. The MB did not forget that.

I will stop here because I feel so tired , I believe that there are points should be highlighted , may be next time.


  1. Mona Abdel Halim12/18/2012 08:19:00 PM

    Great blog, agree with all of it,,

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. I'd be interested to know if you thought MB were capable of adapting to the new situation (or whether they even want to!) Get some rest! It's very tiring living in Egypt at the moment...Therese

  3. While you make some relevant points, you are also completely one sided in your presentation and making numerous conclusions not based on fact but on opinion.

    I agree that the MB has to work on its functioning as a political body (even as the FJP) - I think you paint a very one sided view of them and neglect all of the positive things they have done over those 80 years of imprisonment and oppression.

  4. Z; they are secret society, the MB is the equivalent of the Masonic Brotherhoods. On the surface this may sound crazy, but once you dig deaeper you will know they were created by the British as a dividing tool. They don't have the skill or the desire to govern. The majority of them don't even know it that they re dummies in the hands of their top top few. I really wish I am wrong but I did expect their current performance before they became visible in the eyes of the educated Egyptians.

  5. Totally agree with you:
    The Muslim Brotherhood can’t keep itself from acting in accordance with itself being a brotherhood i.e. divides people into two classes: 1. bothers and 2. others. It will not be able to rule under a democratic constitution because initially a great part of the nation (no-MB) will be regarded as 2nd rank citizens. This was clear in speeches of president Morsi where you feel he is addressing only MB members.
    MB will always be the secret community it has been since 80 years. Freedom and Justice Party is just the tool by which the plot of MB to hold tight to power is achieved. The cover of democracy is temporary. Even if the anti constitution demonstrations will make a change, MB will ikhwanize the country in other ways. They won’t let go easily of an 80 years old dream.

    1. Excellent feedback. The young Egyptians today don't remember or realize that the so called Egypt revolution of 1952 included at least 50% members who were MBs. When M.Naguib set the tone in a democratic way and Nasser then kicked him out, they thought he will align with MBs, when he didn't they attempted to kill him and the rest is history. Same template was applied for Iran, they introduced revolutionary figure (Musadeque) to kick the Shah out and when he appeared to advanced by trying to nationalize the oil industry they returned the shah back, and when he attempted to work to advance Iran they brought the current religious system. Young Egyptian should learn history and not be easy dummies in the hand of outside controllers who would love to keep 90 Millions Egyptians divided, backwards, and follow the saudi template.

  6. The founder of the MB was a fallible human being but he based his program on religion (which is supposed to be infallible) that is where a huge gap lies. Sure, a perfect Muslim state would be heaven on earth but men & women are imperfect so God & religion are no assistance there.

    Better to leave religion to one side when it comes to politics & power. Politics & power is practical, ugly, dirty but faith is pure, sacred & holy. Thats why Shia clerics ,historically have been opposed to authority & worldly power until Khomenei came along and established his dictatorship in Iran.

    Now the Supreme Leader in Iran has commanded people to obey his every whim & idea or suffer persecution. He commands the Armed forces,controls the economic activity (oil) and the injustice system, as well as watching & overseeing the daily lives of every Iranian. If he says the sky is orange, it is wise not to disagree. If he says Ahmadinijad won the election, it is good for your health to forget about how many votes he actually got.

    Christianity is supposed to be the religion of the martyr, the weak & the poor but it too has ventured into areas of wordly power. Money & military power.

    Sunni Islam sometimes is the helper & support for authority & gov't as in MB/Al Azar during Mubarak regime. In Saudi, it reinforces the power of the Royal family but also claims to represent true equality, the oppressed & the poor.

    I think current MB are hoping to reproduce successes of Erdogan in Turkey which they believe are the result of Islamic ideas whereas I believe it is modern European (I don't mean Christian)influence & proximity that is the real source of progress there but I don't think they would ever like to admit that.

  7. Egypt voted recently for the ITU amendment to limit and censor the internet, along with Russia/China/Saudi Arabia/Iran.
    The western countries (led by the US) opposed this proposal.
    It means that some day this blog will be censored.
    Is this the message of freedom and democracy the Egyptian revolution carry?


  8. Conclusion: Egypt gets same SHIT different day!

  9. The failure of The Clown Punchers.
    ,Quote :"While I am in agreement with the position that the sovereignty of the State is a kind of idolatry and political slavery, I do not believe that draping islamic paraphernalia over the existing model of political slavery magically solves the problem of political slavery. Most Islamic movements aim to achieve this ideal Caliphate by forming political parties and working within the existing political systems in their countries. But this strategy requires acquiescing to the sovereignty of the existing State, which they regard as idolatry. They also presume that because prophet Muhammad and the Caliphs of the past occupied positions of leadership that they constituted an “Islamic State” while I would argue that the foundations on which Muhammad built the social order in Medina did not constitute a “State” by modern definitions, and misunderstanding this distinction is a huge contributing factor to the failure of these movements.In Medina under the leadership of the prophet Muhammad pluralism was accomplished differently. The social order accommodated a wide diversity of tribes, many of which were non muslims, that were afforded complete self determination. So, the muslims were under the leadership of prophet Muhammad, but the Jewish and pagan tribes of Medina were respected as independent units of society. They were free to choose their own leaders, to practice their own religion, to form their own judiciaries, and to live by their own law, not islamic law. In this way no institution claimed sovereignty over others, and no theological monopoly existed either.tribes. In this way every community was free to regard God as sovereign without any intermediary, and free to live according to their conception of Law without imposing it on others. But none of these provisions constituted a violent monopoly, and therefore the Mithaq did not constitute a State.“Bayah” is a forgotten concept in most muslim countries, just as “consent of the governed” is a forgotten concept among most Americans. Violent monopolies claim to enjoy “tacit consent” from their subjects, which means if you say nothing they assume you consent. So, for the muslim fundamentalist, the most important right to be demanded is the right to make your oath explicitly to the leader of your choice. This means you must afford the same right to others to make their oaths explicitly to the leader of their choice, and not claim to rule them against their will. No State, whether it’s “islamic” or not, can ever afford such a right on its subjects, because it defies its nature as a monopoly.AND THIS IS WHY THE FUNDAMENTALISTS ARE " claiming" DENYING THE LEGITIMACY OF THE STATE ,AS SOVEREIGNITY IS ONLY TO GOD.EXCELLENT. BUT ARE' NT THE BEARDED IN EGYPT NOW UTILISING THE STATE ,AND ARE TRYING TO GRAB POWER,REGARDLESS OF “Bayah”?. tO CONCLUDE : islam” does not have any one single political system built into it; . There have been many dramatically different islamic political systems throughout history (many of which lasted for centuries) based on radically different conceptions of religious authority relationships, from the radically populist to the caesaropapist, from a rigid separation of the religious legislature and executive power to the conflation of the two, and so forth. Do we see now the difference between the principles of the great religion of islam,and that of political islam ? .

  10. Not Just Egypt radical so called men of(Allah)is destroying all hope everywhere


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