Monday, December 17, 2012

From two years ago #SidiBouzid

From two years ago , on that particular day a street vegetables vendor was slapped by a policewoman “she denies” in the City of Sidi Bou Zid on December 17,2010. That slap did not change that vendor’s world but rather the whole world. That slap led Mohamed Bou Azizi to torch himself sparkling the first flame of revolution that soon enough would transfer to other oppressed countries in the Arab world.
BY the way some Islamists consider Bou Azizi as an infidel because he set himself on fire as an act of suicide , well officially he lived after till January 8th ,2011 where he died in a hospital.
May Allah bless your soul Bou Azizi

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  1. Well, Islamists consider everyone but themselves to be infidels. M.Azizi felt a desperation that turned out to be shared by millions in MENA.

    But if that policewoman had never slapped him (maybe she didn't but it is the legend that sparked the revolutions),there would have been another trigger and the uprisings would have occurred anyway.

    The surprise is they didn't happen earlier. Syria & Iran are still unfulfilled but they will get there too eventually. And who knows, the Gulf States & Saudi maybe.


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