Monday, December 17, 2012

Breaking News : Talaat Abdullah to resign….next Sunday

A Photo for the resignation
Despite I am badly sick I can ignore this news and its significance.
The public prosecutor appointed by President Morsi declared that he is going to resign next Sunday in front of the district attorneys’ sit in that was held in his office today. 
About 1500 district attorneys held a sit in at the public prosecutor office in Downtown Cairo demanding him to resign as he was appointed in in illegal way. I believe this was a successful sit in.
I believe that the district attorneys feel humiliated after the decision of Abdullah to transfer the East Cairo district attorney to Bani Sawif because of Presidential Palace clashes."He cancelled it by the way”
Morsi should not have appointed Abdullah himself directly. He should have followed the book and let it to the Supreme council of judiciary to choose from 3 candidates. 
Of course I wonder if he will be the man of his word and truly present his resignation to the supreme council of judiciary.
Needless to say the district attorneys are being attacked by MB and Morsi supporters whom are still speaking about Gulf states’ plot implemented by Judges club and NFS !!!

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