Monday, December 17, 2012

A lesson We should learn from

Despite there were no Muslim victims in the horrible Newtown school’s horrible massacre , the local Muslim community participated in the interfaith vigil service yesterday.

I think our preachers and sheikhs should learn from that young sheikh and to understand carefully to what he said because I believe this is the core of Islam.His small speech is actually a lesson we should learn from

May all the victims rest in peace.


  1. Can you teach humanity? Can you learn civilization?

  2. Bismillah mashallah.. EXACTLY the way it should be.. Great example indeed!

  3. Frankly - I would have preferred to hear some words of consolation coming form the heart, rather than some stereotype recitations of kuranic verses, which I could read for myself, if I were interested (which I am not, as I am not a Muslim).

    What Egyptians could learn from this is, how we in the USA are dealing with tragedies. The flags are flying half staff all across the nation and the President visits the families and offers consolation. An interfaith vigil joins every member of the local community regardless of their creed or belief.

    When 52 children were killed in a train crash in Assiut: Where was Mursi??? Was there any public mourning??? Did the Muslim Brotherhood care at all??? Did the Salafists care at all???

  4. Egyptians function much better as individuals than as a country goverbment. If one house is mourning, neighbors always share with great compassion. This genuine traits are still in practice among ordinary people. Unfortunately the State doesn't measure up to ordinary people.


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