Saturday, December 8, 2012

#Dec5:Do not Consider them Egyptians,consider them as #POWs

The Heliopolis prosecution has ordered the immediate release of 141 detainees arrested and handed over by the MB members to security authority. The prosecution released them after finding them innocent from all the charges the MB accused them of.
MB detainees Thursday's morning !! "Reuters"
All of the 141 detainees were injured and tortured by the MB members , 49 of them needed to be transferred to  hospital. Many of them had bone fracture. Some of them were minors and actually we got young age as 10 years old !!! The human rights activists say that it was worst than what they saw from violations from police and army. May be it is hard to believe that civilians do in civilians what the MB members have done.
Here is a photo gallery showing the detainees at Heliopolis prosecution office late last night.

These detainees were kept away at the gates of the Presidential palace for more than 12 hours tortured and mistreated while they are handcuffed. Here is the video testimony of ambassador Yahia Negm.

He says that the police was actually orders from the MB and that even the MB doctors mistreated them. He says also that they accused him of being spy because of his work in the ministry of foreign affairs !!
In any respectable country the MB members and leaders would be arrested and prosecuted for the illegal detention and torture of other citizens !!
Already what happened from torture and detention happened under the sight of the police and central security forces that did not stop the aggression against other Egyptians so the ministry of interior is responsible.
The MB media machine online “RSSD”published another video from their own view , from their own camera not Al Watan newspaper’s camera to show the so-called thugs in captivity. In Any respectable country this video can send the MB and RSSD to jail !! You see ambassador Negm and Mohamed Abdel Fatah in the video.

Ramy in detention and police was there !!
At 2:27 you find RSSD reporter or rather MB member who wears a suit and reading from a paper tells the detainee Walid who is scared “You killed two , there are videos ,they saw you !!??” Walid answers “No , I did not” then the guy in the suite asks him “Do you support President Morsi” and Walid says that he supported Morsi as a person but he was against the constitution draft and was staying in Tahrir square !!
Another detainee is Ramy Sabry from the Popular alliance Party recounted how he was dragged and beaten from El Khalifa Al Mamoun street to the Presidential palace while that RSSD guy was asking him an provocative interrogating way. The RSSD guy then showed some detainees’ partisan cards from Al Wafd and Al Karma party in order to prove the Sabbahi/Badawy conspiracy.
Speaking about the videos , here is a video I showed yesterday and I show it again. This is how the detainees were treated. You can see Mina beaten in that video.

The guy wearing a suite screaming and interrogating men like a State security officer is called Alaa Hamza and he is from Zagzig. 
In 1960s the Egyptian TV aired the confessions of the MB prisoners accused of plotting against Nasser from jail in an episode presented by veteran Hamdy Kandil. Till that day Kandil feels sorry for that interview up till now !! MB is notorious like Nasser regime unfortunately !!
I used to write and read a lot of about POWs to know how POWs internationally should be treated. I know how POWs should be treated in Islam and yet unfortunately these follow Egyptians were not treated by the Muslim brotherhood “Egyptians” even as POWs !!
Yesterday Morsi announced that those thugs confessed by taking money in order to create chaos according to the prosecution’s investigation !! Ironically the official investigations of the prosecution in Heliopolis were not concluded at time.
Mohamed Morsi was simply repeating the Muslim brotherhood statements and accusations.
Some saying that last night Morsi was acting as if he were giving orders to the Heliopolis prosecution to frame the charges !!
Nevertheless human rights lawyer Malek Adly stated on his twitter account as well to the media tonight that the Prosecution Lawyers told him that the Public prosecutor , the new one appointed by Morsi did not want them to release the detainees for political reasons !!
This is why we refused to have a public prosecutor appointed by the President after the #Jan28 because there should be another mechanism to appoint the public prosecutor in a way that allow his independence so he could be the people’s attorney
I want to thank the fantastic human rights lawyers and activists that have not slept in those 72 hours except very few hours till these detainees are rescued medically and released.
I still can not believe the amount of hatred the MB leaders fill the minds and hearts of the members so we would see these scenes !!


  1. You are such a shame to egypt and egyptians, you are guided by what you wish to believe, even if its not true

    1. And you genius believe what your MB bosses instruct you to do, providing they shape the instruction in religious language. Check your Hamas cousins and where their instructions come from!!. Also, check your MB grandfathers where their instructions came from!?. Then you can examine your brain before commenting on "Z". Your (MB) major role is to drive Egypt backward to keep your neigbours happy.

  2. Great work, keep it up. This is evidence againt all violations of the Muslim brotherhood melicia

  3. They didn't not have the support of the majority, and incited hatred and voilence. so, they got what they came for.
    Don't cry now.

  4. Great evidence against mb militia and their violations , thank you for your efforts

  5. Pray that God has mercy on morsow and his monsters. Because we won't have any.

  6. "The guy wearing a suit screaming and interrogating men like a State security officer is called Alaa Hamza and he is from Zagzig".

    This!!! More of this! This is what you must do if you are too chicken to arm yourselves. Do a whole blog post devoted to this guy, his house, his address and phone number, his family members, and lots of photos of the scumbag.

  7. When the anti Morsi thugs came armed with shotguns and tear gas guns as you can see in all the videos and killed 6 MB then these detainees git what they deserved in my opinion.

    If they shot your father and your brother before your eyes Zenobia would you be making a quick call to a human rights lawyer to protect their rights? I think not. When we have a country with no real police system we need to blame Mubarak and felool not MB!

    1. 6 MB? Did you just buy into the Muslim Brotherhood lies? I bet that if the Brotherhood tells you that the opposition carries drugs and RPG missiles you will definitely believe it. So how about the anti-Morsi who were killed by the Morsi thugs? Should those be "protected" as well? If by that logic then I would also support the detaining of Brotherhood members and they should be blamed (And Ironic Is That They Are the Ones Starting the Violence). Justice is served, baby!!

  8. Keep it up Zeinobia - Democracy will win.

  9. Dear Zeinobia,
    the hatred and anonymus comments here about severely beaten and injured people show the true state of mind of these commentators. No human being with a clear mind or even one shred of humanity would comment like this. No matter to which group these people belong or what they have done. What happened to them is unspeakable and unacceptable. The people responsible should be arrested and presecuted asap. Shame on you, fellow commentators! Shame on you!

    And thank you, dear Zeinobia for documenting so the world and all fellow egyptians can see. And what can be seen is the work of authoritarian thinking, disrespect of others and a complete lack of the basic understanding of democracy. I'm in great fear for egypt future!

  10. Everything would be fine IF the Ihwan had kept their promise to create a liberal state devoted to Islamic values. Instead they proved to be nefarious traitors who want to subjugate Egyptians under Islamic rules, which they invented and which are far from true teachings of Islam. Sure - they will burn in hell for this! Even worse: their business leaders are as corrupt and greedy as the felool.

    The activists should be aware though that their protests are infested by thugs and beltagayah as the felool are now coming crawling from the sewers where they had been hiding.

    1. and that surprise you ??, When you educate yourself about what the MBs are, you won't be surprised. They pretend to use religion but actually they play in the ME the role played by IRA, and their counterparts, kill, commit all crimes but frame your actions in religion frames and expect the dum masses to believe you!!!. Wake up people and see the devil actions in running the world to itsfinal destination.

    2. Sadly, it does not surprise me, although my hope is that the majority among the Ihwan is reasonable. They are not as homogenous as believed. You find fanatics, morns and you find moderate, honest religious people and you have a young generation which is open-minded.

  11. truth is not as one sided as you imply. Even if the facts were on your side truth is often more complex but given that the deaths were one sided and the beatings handed out by all sides your comments are silly, divisive and disingenuous (unless you really are a blind follower)

  12. i dont know why i see a similarity here, i will quote this :Supreme Commander to 6 Army, January 24, 1943
    "Surrender is forbidden. 6 Army will hold their positions to the last man and the last round, and by their heroic endurance, will make an unforgettable contribution towards the establishment of a defensive front and the salvation of the Western world."
    Hitler's communication with von Paulus.
    the empty obstinance behind a delusion serves this right.the transcendental knowledge of what is better.the surrender to the mentality of uniqness.the belief of expedient corrective actions.this is exactly what is behind their endeavours,but sadly the endeavours of the belittled masses among the ranks.No delusion of the sort for their leaders.they only possess the delusion that they can continue this belittling to their masses and to the whole of society itself.Do you recognize yourselves ?.

  13. "In any respectable country the MB members and leaders would be arrested and prosecuted for the illegal detention and torture of other citizens !! "

    Which is why Egyptian democrats have to make it respectable by setting up their own courts and justice system. Yes, even in Tahrir Square itself. The French Revolution, after all, began in a tennis court.

  14. For MB to practice torture is not excusable yet it could be reasonably understood. It is well known the majority of child molesters were themselves molestation victims. MB members spend long years in prison and were tortured. Victimization and abuse is a fundamental part of their collected conscious. When they became in power, they apply the only method they knew to settle scores between opposing parties.

  15. Thank you Zeinobia for reminding all of us that Khaled Said was indeed murdered and the sad thing is his killers as well as the killers of Mina Daniel got away with these crimes and thank you for speaking up for the victims of el-ikhwan and religious fascism and the total lack of respect for the human rights of those that happen to disagree with Mr Morsi and his followers who would want to see Egypt becoming another Iran or even worse Pakistan or Afghanistan
    Egypt will be free again but first Morsi and el-ikhwan have to go and good riddance
    Zeinobia: you do a good job


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