Friday, December 7, 2012

What I think about Morsi’s big word

Political activist and poet Abdel Rahman Youssef summarized it
This is the only thing I can say about Morsi’s speech : stupid.


  1. لا يمت للواقع بأي صله .. ده وصل انه بقى انتن من خطابات مبارك ف التخوين و الناس اللي قابضة .. باختصار (بقرة بديل

  2. It sounded like Mubarak's last speech

  3. Remember when the MB said they wouldn't field a pres. candidate because they knew people were afraid of an Islamist takeover and an Islamist dictatorship as in Iran.

    Well, maybe they should have stuck to their promise. Unfortunately, they just can't be trusted.


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