Monday, December 3, 2012

From #Tahrir to #Heliopolis Palace : Big Day tomorrow in #Cairo

There will be a big day tomorrow in Cairo.
First all about 10 privately and partisan owned newspapers are going to strike for one day to object both the constitutional declaration and the draft constitution proposed. These newspapers are going on strike tomorrow “Tuesday”. These newspapers are Al Masry Al Youm , Al Shorouk, Al Watan, Al Sabah, Al Fajr, Al Wafd, Al Osboo, Tahrir, Al Dostour , Al Ahaly , Al Ahrar
A photo for today´s issues
On Wednesday all several privately TV networks and channels will blackened for 6 hours “from 6PM to 12 AM” also against the constitution declaration and draft constitution. These channels are : ONTV, Al Hayat TV , Dream TV, Cairo Centric , Modern TV and CBC.

 Of course the Islamists wish that these channels and newspapers are closed forever because they are following Mubarak’s regime , spreading allegedly lies and want to fight Islam to the end of that talk …. It is enough to know that the spokesperson of Al Nour Party expressed his wish to Al Masryon newspaper that he wished to see them forever closed.
With my due respect to the current supporters of MB and Salafists , these respectable journalists  and reporters working in these newspapers are angry from the disrespect of press and freedom of expression in the new constitution. The 1971 constitution article saying that press is the fourth and the popular authority in the state has been removed because “there is no such thing called popular authority , it was something Sadat put to fool the people with” according to the head of the constituent assembly  Judge Hossam El Gheriany.
All the recommendations and the suggestions by the Journalists syndicate in Cairo to the constituent assembly have been refused already !!
Today several newspapers already have published the same front page with the same message “No For dictatorship”
Second tomorrow we will have both protest in Tahrir and mess rallies heading to the Presidential Palace , oh yes to Heliopolis Palace where Morsi staying there. The rallies will gather at Raba’a Al Adawya Mosque at 4PM as meeting point before heading to the palace at 6 PM. There will buses for the protesters want to join the rally at Al Gazira Club as well in New Cairo. Most of those who will rally to the presidential palace are independent youth by the way.
There will be a rally from Mostafa Mahmoud square and Shubra too heading to Tahrir square at the same time.
There will be also rallies in different governorates as well like in Alexandria, Ismailiya , Port Said , Sohag and Assuit.
Today barbed wires were set up at the Palace against the rally which is called “The last warning" , anyhow I am not concerned about the official security at the Palace as much as the unofficial security !! Hazmoon , the mad group of Hazem Abu Ismail are swearing that they beat the crap out of what they called "ElBaradei Militias" if they come closer to the palace 


  1. Good escalation steps to eventually reach a state of Civil Disobedience,which would be a knock-out!As for Hazemoon,they have big mouth and they're chicken!Remember that good patriotic girls like Rasha Azab and Nawara Negm protected them at their Abbassia sit-in!
    Hope that all parties act in a civilized and peaceful manner tomorrow..

  2. Are the marches from Shobra & Mostafa Mahmoud to Tahrir, at 4pm, also confirmed? didn't find any info on FB about them

  3. Have faith Egypt. We will win this. This is a minor bump in our great history. Tah7rir forever & Always.

  4. The reaction of the Egyptian people is inspiring and a lesson to the rest of the world. The self-appointed masters may speak but there is no reason for the people to follow if the words make no sense. From the initial protests of the decree to the march on the president's palace, a strong movement is apparent. The very best to you in your efforts.

  5. how big well this protest be?

  6. I realize Zeinobia is a blogger and not a newspaper so I am not criticizing her for not mentioning that the Muslim Brotherhood is paying gangs to rape women. The anti-MB forces are in the minority, so Instapundit suggests (correctly I think) that you should not depend upon nonviolent protest in response. You must play hardball. Find out who the perpetrators are and publicize their names and the names and addresses of their family members. If you can get your hands on them, slit their throats. Cut their balls off. Put it on YouTube. Freedom isn't free.

  7. I wonder how many of the protesters have actually or can read the draft constitution. My bet is very few. They just like to protest it seems no matter what and destroy the economy day after day. The rest of us who are working and keeping the economy from total collapse will vote yes to the draft because if we leave it in the hands of these disunited mainly young immature protesters Egypt will sink into the sands. And as it does they will pick up their US passports and move to their second home leaving the majority of the stupid protesters to their own devices. Make no mistake.Too many of the bloggers and instigators of protests now are dual nationals who will never become president or PM anyway due to that fact so have no intention of filling these posts.

  8. i too hope everything stays civilized.. no matter the outcome


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