Tuesday, December 4, 2012

#Jan25: Meet Abdel Rahman Mansour

And for the first time Egyptians meet one of the young faces behind Kolena Khaled Said and the invitation to January 25, 2011 protests. Here is Abdel Rahman Mansour , the unknown knight of Kolena Khaled Said speaking for the first time about past and present of Egypt with the hopes of better future.

Here is Abdel Rahman speaking on ONTV last night in Last Talk.

Abdel Rahman was serving in the army in 2011 and he missed what happened all that time but here he is in the second wave. May Allah bless him and protect him.

It is worth to mention that Kolena Khaled Said is being under huge attack by the Muslim brotherhood and their supporters. Ikhwan Web already has been retweeting tweets of MB members comparing the page to Ana Asf Ya Rayes , the infamous Pro-Mubarak page !!

There have been calls among Islamists to nationalize the Page as well !!

Anyhow I love the statement of the Page it issued today “We are not unbiased , we are bias against all shapes of injustice”

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