Tuesday, December 4, 2012

#Dec4 : To #Tahrir and To #Heliopolis

And today is another long day.
Right now there is a march heading from the journalists syndicate to Tahrir square against the Constitutional declaration and draft constitution.
There will be also another rally led by the tourism sector workers in Tahrir square against draft constitution.
Now there will be two set of rallies today , one to Heliopolis and another one to Tahrir square. The Constitution Party will have rallies in Tahrir but its students will head to Heliopolis Palace.
Heliopolis Palace is now a military zone with huge security measures and barbed wires.
Banks , schools and ministries made its employees leave earlier today and ATMs are emptied.
The MB and Salafists hold ElBaradei and Sabbahi responsible for anything happy today !!
More coverage coming on the way.
Today there will be four rallies heading to Heliopolis palace :
  • One from El Fatah Mosque in Ramasis at 4 PM 
  • One from El Nour Mosque in Heliopolis at 5 PM 
  • One from Rab'a Al Adawiya Mosque in Heliopolis at 5 PM
  • One from El Rashideen Mosque also in Heliopolis at 5 PM
Ok here is a live coverage with pictures and so on. 


  1. Marvelous pictures. The photo of the huge crowd in the street leading to the Presidential Palace says it all.

  2. Courage, Zeinobia. Keep reporting to the world what is happening.

  3. your lies and zionist puppet

    1. Ikwan Bastard Dog, YOU are the Liars and Zionist Puppets!!!We will see you back in the prisons you escaped from, YOU RATS! Long LIve Egypt, Long Live Freedom! Stay strong and Overthrow these Mutant Bastards and Traitors to Egypt!

    2. Forget Israel, it is the least of your troubles. This obsession with Zionism is classic transference. You two up above need to live together. Otherwise the bastards worldwide will step in and exploit your division. The IMF is waiting to give Morsi the cash to buy votes with bread. He will sell YOUR souls for this, all of you. You don't simply get the dictators because of the Americans (and Brits, Dick), you get the foreigners because of the dictators. When you guys stop fighting each other, Israel will consider a just settlement. "Zionism" does not need to conspire over anything. You are doing it all for them.

  4. Incredible! I'm so curious to see what will happen on Dec 15

  5. Amazing. And finally something everybody can agree on. Well almost everybody.

  6. thank u so much Z, this helps a lot for the international community .. keep up the good work :)

  7. Wow even Jason and Demeur can agree on something, God bless Egypt.

  8. Unbelievable.Thank you so much for the pics/videos and news.I add my voice to the previous comments .
    I Look forward to your Blog , every day when I come home from work.

  9. Finally there's hope for us :-)

  10. inshallah after dec 15 votes will crackdown hard against secularist


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