Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After the big #Dec4 , now what !?

Now what ?? Are we going to spend our days in protesting and mobilizing our supporters and friends every day !? Now what Mr. President and ruling Party !?
The Muslim brotherhood officially announced that it will organize Pro-Morsi protests at the presidential palace.
In return now different political powers opposing the Muslim brotherhood began as well independent protesters began to spread calls on social networks urging the people to head to the Presidential palace in order to protect the protesters there.
The doctors now are speaking about having a field hospital there. There is true fear from a massacre for real. The Ultras Ahlawy is heading there too to protect the sit in !!!
Since early morning we began to hear threats from the Islamists especially from Hazemoon's supporters like Mr. Abdel Rahman Ezz.  A terrorist talk from the first degree !!
There was a rumor last night that was denied by the Freedom and Justice Party that the MB has launched "the general mobilization call" directive to all its members all over the country to protect the legitimacy of the president even it will cost them blood and it will stand against the state itself in reference to the army and police for it !!!
It seems that it is a not a rumor after all the young members of MB were proudly repeating that directive  with pride declaring that they are ready to die today for the sake of the President's legitimacy !!
You must know the Supreme guidance office of the Muslim brotherhood held meeting with Islamist powers and parties last night and they issued a statement that slammed the protests describing them as violent and horrifying demanding Morsi to act firmly against that minority !!

Elected President Mohamed Morsi must understand that Mubarak is in jail now because he did not protect the protesters in #Jan25 


  1. crack down hard mr morsi against zionist puppets

  2. Seriously enough is enough now!

    You all need to go back home and get back to work and stop the collapse of the economy.

    You all need to learn what democracy is. If you don't like the president tough! That's democracy. If you don't like his decrees tough again.

    If you don't stop arsing around in this never ending drama for attention you will have SCAF back. Seriously you are heading that way. You all need to grow up and stop this immature nonsense and if you don't bloody well like the constitution then vote NO! simple as that.

    The country is sick of you all protesting. While you are out demolishing schools, infrastructure and walls we are the 99% out at work keeping the country afloat.

  3. No way Morsi wants to work together with other groups except the MB .. He just wants to talk to them, to keep them calm. But he would never work with them .. Btw the liberal candidates got quite a high percentage of votes during the first round!! Sabbahi number 3 ... so the minority is bigger then MB thinks, and the minority proves they can mobilize. Morsi has to do something with this!!!


    A good analysis in the above article. Baradei and Sabbahi are playing with fire by choice they are couple of real tossers and care little that is could lead to death and destruction for real egyptians. Go home, work for your society, protest, suggest alternatives and vote....

  5. The people must demand the impeachment and indictment of morsi for high treason.


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