Wednesday, December 5, 2012

And what I feared happened !!

I spoke about this early today
Now Egyptians Vs. Egyptians are fighting each other , just like in Abassiya clashes sans army forces !! It is just sad and mad. I am so pissed off.
I hope Morsi and his bosses in the MB's guidance office are extremely happy now. They have to be happy with their planning. I am not optimistic at all.
After hours of hours of clashes between Morsi's Islamist supporters and protesters, we hear that central security forces have reached to Presidential palace and that these forces will stop the clashes but it does not seem so.
The clashes are still going on in other areas around the Presidential palace , I am not good in Heliopolis
There are hundreds of injured as it seems as both sides are hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails. The ministry of health reports that only 18 are injured , well from what I see from field reports things are getting bad.
Pro-Revolutionaries report that Morsi's supporters are using gunshots and tear gas grenades. Pro-Revolution protesters reported several gunshots wounds.
The Pro-Morsi supporters are chanting "Islamic Islamic , it will not be secular" , "Wait Liberal one , we will dig your grave" and the chant that stunned many "Wa Islammah !!" I feel that we are Genghis Khan's army !!
Currently there are field hospitals in Mobil gas station and the Basilica. The clashes are currently in Al Ahram street , Roxy square and its adjacent streets. 
I wonder if Morsi will show up today and address Egyptians
I will have another storify life update to make my life and your life easier when it comes to content from all over the internet.


  1. "The Islamist protesters attacked other protesters with canes, clubs and sticks"

    And penises, if their past behavior is characteristic. I linked recently to a Daily Mail report that the MB is hiring thugs to beat men and rape women. Liberals and secular Egyptians would be well advised to arm themselves. Guns, knives, bludgeons, knitting needles. Whatever you can get your hands on. Don't take this lying down. Make the scraggly-bearded bastards pay.

  2. I am not a fan at all of the MB, and I hope they fail miserably in their attempt to extend their control further than their legitimacy. But you should hear from someone who does know, that the Daily Mail is biased drivel when it comes to the Middle East, and you shouldn't believe anything it says about it. Read a proper newspaper.

  3. A military coup or emergency law?

  4. Are we sure that the thugs we see above are from the Muslim Brotherhood? They could well be the usual thugs hired by the military regime, hoping that the situation deteriorates up to the come back of the felools to power. Overall, people are exhausted of this circus. What will be the result of all of this ?

  5. glad to see you have the support of Jason here....If he is on your side you know you are in the wrong.


    onE EyE

  7. The street is singing "Where is Egypt?"
    by @elgomhoreyatv

  8. Very biased coverage (well, I know the blog is already biased, you are not news agent)..

    But it is worth to mention that all 6 deaths are from Islamists. Two of them where shot by automatic rifle.

    The third party was clearly manipulating everything!

  9. But, I thought Islam was the religion of peace?????

    Still waiting for some examples of that peacefulness us infidels are told over and over about.

    1. All religions are equally bad. All give clerics a "divine" authority to do whatever they like to other people.

      However, Christianity and Judaism lost the struggle and they know it. Islam clerics still think they can rule the earth with God's support. They will lose too. The only question is how much blood will be spilled in the process. Sad.

    2. No, not all religions are equally bad. Islam and Muslims behave like they are still stuck in the 7th century. Judaism and Christianity have evolved.


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