Thursday, December 6, 2012

Now #Morsi is alone with #MB !!

As Egyptians fighting each Morsi is now left without any advisors from outside the Muslim brotherhood and so-called Islamist realm.
President’s advisors Ayman El Sayyad , Seif Abdel Fatah, Mohamed Esmat Seif Al Dowla and Amr El Lithy have officially resigned today.
We announce the news of our “resignations” that we hided for a whole week in attempt to search for a solution but it was in vain .. I am speaking about the advisory council
Some people are attacking Mr. El Sayyad but personally I know that the man insisted on staying despite his refusal to the constitutional declaration because he was concerned about the freedom of media and was trying to find a way ,a solution out of the crisis. He was fighting along others like Seif Abdel Fatah till the last moment but in vain
He suggested an initiative the presidency completely ignored from going back to an amended 1971 constitution temporarily but no one listened.
He and the other advisors including Seif Al Dowla and El Lithy already resigned from a week ago and did not declare it hoping that there will be a change.
Seif Abdel Fatah announced resignation in a tearful announcement on air. “No more politics, I am back to stand these youth , there is no hope in a brotherhood that refuses to listen and weak elite” the man said.
Now Morsi got no aides or advisers except the Islamists especially from the Muslim brotherhood. To be accurate he is taking his orders from the guidance office and the advisers are just a decoration as it is proved. FYI the attack on the protesters and that Pro-Morsi Protest was decided late last Tuesday at the Guidance office after the meeting of Khairat El Shater with other Islamist powers and parties.
Now all the Statements of Freedom and Justice Party and Muslim brotherhood say that the President will retreat back and cancel both constitutional declaration and draft constitution.
By the way Essam El Heddad, the FM of Muslim brotherhood and Morsi’s Foreign affairs’ aide is currently in Washington and he met with Obama’s National security advisor according to some leaks. There are news reports and leaks claiming that the Americans were informed that they should not be worried because the Egyptians will approve the MB’s terrible draft constitution.


  1. When the Gaddafi's Jamahiriya cult begins in Sirte, the revolution in Libya has ended his kooky ideology BACK to Sirte.

    And its going to happen the same as the Muslim Brotherhood. When they begin in Ismailia, Ismailia will be their final bastion stronghold for these religious kooks.

  2. John Forbes Kerry a senior United States Senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 'advised' Essam El Heddad that the solution to the present crisis is for President Morsi invite the opposition back to negotiate the drafted constitution.

  3. "Ola elected Morsi by the way"



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