Monday, December 24, 2012

#Helfaya : Blood mixed with Bread "+18"

It is the not first time Helfaya in Syria witnesses a horrible massacre but it seems to me each massacre is worse than the one before.
Yesterday tens if not hundreds of citizens waiting for bread in front of a local bakery were killed in air strikes by El Assad regime in the afternoon. The footage is horrible
Here is a footage filmed shortly after the strike

Here is more footage from Helfaya bakery massacre


I do not know or understand how this can happen, how pilots target civilians like that !! I do not understand.
They were trying to find food , they were trying to find bread. What I do not understand more is how El Assad regime is acting this fiercely and madly when it is on the verge of falling according to several indications like how Russians are stepping away from the Syrian dictator's support.
Helfaya , when blood is mixed with bread for real !!

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