Sunday, December 9, 2012

Regarding The Martyrs of #Dec5 Clashes

“Your martyrs and our martyrs and our martyrs in heavens while your dead are in hell” yes we have reached to this degree of dialogue in Egypt.
I do not know from where to start but Egyptians killed and injured other Egyptians last Wednesday and the Muslim brotherhood’s leadership is doing its best to use the martyrs that were killed including the brotherhood’s martyrs to fuel the anger of their followers in the worst way ever even if they had to lie on these followers.
For three days you will find the MB leaderships speaking about 5 martyrs then about 6 then about 8 martyrs “The Supreme guide’s speech today” but what we saw exactly on Friday 3 coffins only in Al Azhar Mosque officially despite we got numbers that they are 6 !!
The sad irony is that Mohamed Badie , the Supreme guide was speaking at the MB HQ in Moktam and behind him that big poster of the so-called MB martyrs. The big poster included a photo of an injured who is a not MB member currently fighting death !! The big poster included the photo of Ahmed Fassial ,who is anti-Morsi’s protester who was shot by birdshots pullet coming allegedly from the MB’s side in his skull and currently in coma !!!
The photo of Fassial behind Badie
From the protesters’ side you will find at least 4 martyrs including a Christian man ,Al Wafd Party member and even a poor guy who the MB told his family that they would pay for his funeral if they say that he is a Muslim brotherhood member !!  There are two living dead men too fighting clinic death : El Hossainy Abu Deif and Ahmed Fassial “Whom I spoke about earlier”.  Still you do not find us using them day and night to increase the tune of tension.We are angry for them and for the MB martyrs who should have died because of politics in this way !!I am angry because I know the rights of these martyrs will be ever lost.
Nobody lied that there were gunfire from both sides but how did it start and why ??
The MB members are angry for their fallen ones and they forget that according to recorded testimonies and videos, gunfire, bird shot pullets and tear gas grenades fired from their side first and they tortured people inhumanly for more than 12 hours. They forgot how cameras recorded how they violently dispersed a peaceful sit in !! 
Already I do not understand what kind of directives or instructions they got,  for days now we have been seeing tweets and Facebook Statuses of MB members who literality announcing the Holy War against whoever touches the so-called Morsi’s legitimacy. I wish they think twice whether it is worth it to be killed and to kill other Egyptians because the leaderships say so !!
This screen is from a MB member's FB account in Ismailia about directives he got

From what I understood and what I read from testimonies from Muslim brotherhood’s members , it seems that they were told that there is universal conspiracy and they have to stop even if it would cost them their blood for the sake of Morsi and Islam !!
The Islamists are scared from a popular revolution or a coup against Morsi and ready to die for fear the golden opportunity to rule Egypt will be forever gone. The leaders of the Political Islamist movements in Egypt are brainwashing their followers telling them it is a life or death ,  a matter of Jihad. This is what is truly happening. 
I believe it is a civil fight , everybody loses in it but personally I believe that the Muslim brotherhood’s commandership is responsible for the blood spelled !! They brainwash their members to stand against their follow Egyptians in the worst way other.
From two days ago Yosri Fouda spoke to one of the MB martyrs’ cousin who is also and MB and that man expressed how he is proud of his cousin who died in Jihad !!! What Jihad !!?
It is not a bloody holy war nor it is about Islamic Sharia !!!
The Anti-Morsi protesters at the Presidential Palace did not have any intention to break in to the Palace or kick out Morsi from the Presidential office. Yet we got the MB leaders spreading rumors of dangerous rumors sending clear directives to the governorates to send their members in order to clean Heliopolis from the Anti-Morsi protesters !!!!


  1. Why is the military never in these stories, although they hols a significant amount of power?

    1. Why would the military be in the #Dec5 news stories when they are not involved in it from near or far and declare that they are neutral !?

    2. Yes Zeinobia, in the Middle East,including Egypt, they willfuly use the terms Martyrs and Jihad to use religion to justfy criminal acts. For example, an arab or egyptian presidnt, by law enlist his country youngmen to serve the army, regardless of their own wishes, then they die in a battle, they call the battle "Jihad" and those who got killed "Martyrs", regardless of what their own hearts stood before they die. To serve the army, or the system, because of being forced bylaw or by choice to get paid to do an act,as a Job. Then got died, I found it hard to name this as "Martyr". Grow up Egypt and get out of this endless soap opera.

  2. "For three days you will find the MB leaderships speaking about 5 martyrs then about 6 then about 8 martyrs “The Supreme guide’s speech today” but what we saw exactly on Friday 3 coffins only in Al Azhar Mosque officially despite we got numbers that they are 6 !!"

    This is what I've suspected long ago regarding the Muslim Brotherhood claims. Among the 7 who were killed, Ikhwan claimed that 6 of them were their members. 6 out of 7 were Ikhwanites? Come on?! The last time I check on various sources from the news and Facebook, most of the dead victims were from the leftist party, at least to say 4 of them are, while the other 3 were unconfirmed. Then they said more than 1,300 were injured and that "snipers" were involved? Really? What we saw is armed shotguns and pistols were used, but sniper rifle? And do you know there was a Salafiyyah cleric claims that people were paid with EGP 200 to protests against Morsi and that the opposition tents were fill with guns, drugs and cashes. Kid you NOT. Reminds me of Gaddafi and his claim on Bin Laden mixing pills with Nescafe thing in order to justify his atrocities.

    Its quite ironic to see how the Ikhwan claims were mostly full of lies, but at the same time more evidence was directly pointing towards them about the Wednesday clashes. Seriously, these religious dictators are nothing but bunch of lying idiots. But don't worry, Zeinobia. Let us thank the Islamist for coming into power, because the hypocritical, lying, traitorous, dictatorial rule of the murshid will prove to be the best gift for Arab secularists. Secularists did a really good job setting up trap for these religious zealots.

  3. " seems that they were told that there is universal conspiracy and they have to stop even if it would cost them their blood for the sake of Morsi and Islam !!"

    You know's what ironic? The Islamist foe in Syria, Bashar al-Assad and his Ba'athist regime, even says the same thing. Its funny, because despite both were enemies to each other due to ideological differences, both spoke the same silly "muamarah kawniyyah". It seems there is such a manual teaching how to become a dictator, after all.

  4. Asalamu Alaykom Zeinobia,

    The last time I commented was on the poor souls who died in the bus/train accident. Those deaths were the ones which truly saddened me. They didn't have a choice in any aspect of the matter and their outcome could have been prevented.

    The deaths of these men are also sad. I have no idea whether or not they are martyrs. Only God decides this. I leave it to Allah. What I do know is that their deaths and injuries were preventable.

    This is man's inhumanity to man. We don't need to turn into something worse than animals as we try to find democracy. No way can we acheive lofty goals when we are worried for basic survival. Let's find ways to have dialogue without blood. Aren't we better than this?

    Let's also stop vilifying "the other". Everyone is Egyptian! There are good points to all the sides. I hope that the near future is going up from here and not down. Ya Rab! What really can be worse than what we've seen? Don't answer that! I don't want to know.

    Thank you, Zeinobia, for you sincere efforts to be a voice of reason.

  5. I read on your twitter account : Egypt = Pakistan ... some were talking about Lebanon ... After watching for the past couple of days Al-Hafez channel , I am really afraid to tell you : Egypt = Algeria... The salafists imams are so stupid and pushing their young followers toooooooooooo far ...

    Inshaala days prove that we are all wrong , ya rab..

    1. Egyptian Engineer, the culture in the ME arab world today is built on the assumptions that as long as yhose so called Imams have beards and grey dot in their forheads, they are right. Change any of that meaning they changed their religious believes. So, pray for Egypt to wake up this Salafi Movies.


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