Sunday, December 9, 2012

Regarding the Declaration that Cancelled the Declaration

And after some fake national dialogue with bunch of Muslim brotherhood’s close friends , Morsi decided to issue a new constitution declaration to the cancel the constitution declaration he issued from 16 days ago !!

Morsi cancelled the Constitutional declaration but the draft constitution’s referendum is still on time after 6 days !!

Now personally I believe the draft constitution should be delayed for several reasons above them what happened last Wednesday was something beyond our boldest evilest imagination to happen. There is a gap now between the revolutionary youth “and they are so many” and the Muslim brotherhood and to be honest I will dare and raise the bar and say the Non Islamists and Islamists in Egypt.

If the president in Egypt really wants the best interest of the country and better future for its children , if the president of Egypt really wants a better future for the whole country and not only short gains for the Islamists he would think in that way.

I do not believe that a president who issues constitutional declarations without referendums can not violate the Constitutional declaration of March 2011 so easily and delay the constitution referendum. Already in the last Constitutional declaration he violated the March 2011 declaration and extended the work of the Constituent assembly for another two months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is an emergency call for quick action to save the nation but again Morsi proved to the MB President of the Islamists.

I was going to vote No in the Constitution referendum , I refuse this disfigured draft constitution but after what happened on Wednesday from violence , torture and constant lying now I got a trust issue.

Regardless of what the MB claims now , how can I trust them as ruling party in the referendum !? How can I trust people like them when it comes to referendum's results !?

Another thing it is good that the new Constitution declaration stated that in case the people rejected the Constitution draft , we will have to elect a new Constituent assembly directly. Yet unfortunately it did not say how we are going to elect that assembly , on what bases and on what mechanism. I am speaking about a referendum that will take place after 6 days allegedly , there should be more clear steps.

The Constitution referendum should be delayed and a real national dialogue should be held. Egyptians killed Egyptians last Wednesday for God sake !!


  1. your articles have a discriminatory nature....remember human rights?

    1. Discriminatory to what !?

    2. Z; Don't you understand ! you attack MORSI MBs you are discriminating against him/them .. Didn't you learn the MB & Salafi democracy ???. This is what the above Anon. meant. Thanks Z; for trying refreshing young Egyptian minds. Forget about the old ones, their minds are immersed into their beards and higuabs.

    3. Dear Zeinobia, the new trend is to pay/employ people to send comments in order to threaten or attack....Fairly despicable but I am sure you can cope!
      Take care and stay safe!

    4. Your problem Z is that you do not see the problem

  2. It still comes down to whether Egypt wants a secular government or an Islamist government.

    1. Thank you for the analysis.

      Have you considered taking sabbatical in Egypt? Doubtless they'd be honored to have you as Ambassador of Sanitation Engineering. Perhaps you can convince Yusuf al-Qaradawi to lift the fatwa against garbage cans.

  3. I don't agree. I'm not an Islamist at all but I will vote Yes. I've lost hope in the liberals. They are so obstructionist and not in touch with reality. Some were calling for Morsy to leave even before people died!!!! These people just want to take power themselves. I don't like the MB but at least it has a plan and is organized. They are the only ones you can trust to get stuff done by the end of four years if liberals let them

    1. You're MB and you're not fooling anyone.

    2. No. I voted for Aboul Fotouh because I wanted to avoid Shafiq, Morsy, and Mousa and did not think Sabahi could win. You cannot just assume everyone who supports Morsy right now is from the MB. You will see when we vote on Saturday. I want the liberals to do well but they keep protesting in streets and do not offer anything as an alternative. I hate the brotherhood but they are the only organized group right now and only ones with enough support to get stuff done. That is why I will vote Yes. TO end this stage and move on. We can always amend the constitution.

    3. great reply

    4. Anyone who honestly believes "We can always amend the constitution" has a deep misunderstanding. Constitutions, by design, are difficult to modify. If you trivialize the modification process a constitution is worthless. Ikhwan like you know this perfectly well, and that's why you're pretending a shitty, repressive constitution is just fine. But nobody is fooled.

  4. ok cool, we all vote no, and then....... how is this new assembly elected? I surely dont wanted elected by the people if that is even possible as we are not experts. a constitution should be written by the smartest acacdemics and respected individuals in their field!!!!

  5. Egyptian Ex-pat12/09/2012 10:47:00 PM

    human rights for what exactly!! I rlly dont understand how can a sane person even mention a lame comment as yours.. you obviously left the golden points in the articles you are refering to, and commented on the one thing that proves you are the one being discriminatory sir disregarding all the events taking place currently on the ground..

    Keep up the good work Zienobia and keep your readers always informed the way you always do.
    we all are aware that ur blog isnt a news site and if anyone wants to get their news from one, they can easily type in a URL that leads to the REAL discriminatory mainstream media..

    Best Regards

  6. Can we take our neighbor country Israel as an example to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem?
    After Israel was formed in May 1948, their declaration of independence promised a constitution by October 1948, but due to irreconcilable differences in the Knesset, no complete constitution has been written yet. There are several Basic Laws, however.
    To the commenter who said that he will vote yes for the constitution merely because the MB are more organized and can get stuff done; Please read the history of the Nazi party and Hitler which by the way were more popular, organized, and had their own Militia (the brown shirts).
    I am afraid that the MB will take our beloved Egypt into a ruin if they continue with their constitution plan.

  7. adopting western media's terminology and psychology and western coolness do not by itself make everything you say true

    1. No Sir, but talk with long beardand grey dot in your head and repititvely quote 'jihad, and martyrs' make what you say true isn't?? go kill, steal, sleep with maids, but keep repeating words from the koran and interpret them anyway you like make things true??
      Egypt is heading for a major disaster, God help.

  8. If you didn't find any value in the following names except they are MB's close friends so you should re-think about 'who are the respectable public figures in Egypt?':

    Mohamed Seleem elawa
    Sheik elzahar
    Mahmoud mekky
    manar elshorbagy
    fahmy hewedy
    Mahmoud elkhodery
    Gamal Gebreel
    Tharwat badawy

    By the way, we had a severe 'trust issue' with SCAF, but judges proved that they can organize good-and-fair elections.


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