Sunday, December 23, 2012

So Much For Freedom of expression and Media in #Egypt in time of President #Morsi !!

When it comes to Freedom of expression and freedom of press in Egypt in the new era of President Morsi after the new constitution , you only have to expect the worse because not only newspapers and TV channels can not be closed by court rule and journalists can be imprisoned but it is the most restrictive constitution when it comes to Freedoms and rights as Sheikh Yasser El Borhamy brags !!

We have to expect the worst when more and more journalists and TV hosts are being reported for the new prosecutor general accused of insulting the President.

Today famous TV host Bassem Youssef today was reported to the public prosecutor by some lawyer called Ramdan El Uxory who accused him of insulting President Morsi in his sarcastic show “Al Bernameg” !!  Oh yes El Uxory believes that Youssef insulted Morsi when he mocked him and showed his picture printed on some pillow from two weeks ago !!

Here is a clip where Bassem Youssef says that his baby girl Nadia is sleeping on Morsi’s pillow and that Morsi’s speeches made Nadia stands up ; an achievement in its own !!

Now El Uxory is claiming that in his report he filed that Youssef is not only mocking the head of the State but he is affecting his image showing him as a weak man whether in Egypt or outside it !!

You must know that Youssef is facing hell now after his brave episode last Friday when he criticized the radical hypocrite Sheikhs supporting Morsi from Salafists.

Bassem Youssef is not the last TV host to face this charge but popular TV host Mahmoud Saad is also facing the same change and he is not alone. Saad and his guest Dr. Manal Omar , the famous psychiatrist are accused of insulting Morsi by the Presidency itself !! Ironically both Saad and Omar used to support Morsi against Shafik in the presidential race.

From few weeks ago Dr. Manal Omar presented a psychological analysis for inmates , political inmates like Morsi and the presidency did not like it. Ironically Islamists especially the Muslim brotherhood loved for analysis for Shafik’s personality. Man, you can not imagine how Manal Omar made Morsi earn votes with her analysis for real.

Moving from TV we got for columnists, now columnist Ola El Shafaei of Youm 7 website and newspaper found herself accused of insulting the president because she dared and criticized Morsi after the presidential palace clashes.

These are the latest incidents in the past three weeks , of course there are other important incidents like for instance how columnists find their op-eds criticizing MB are no longer published in Al Akhbar Newspaper that is being controlled totally by Islamists. You will find news coming from National TV about reporters being punished for speaking the Truth against MB or TV hosts for hosting guests the MB minister of information does not approve !!

I had enough from news similar to this in addition to the attacks on journalists and reporters on the field. I had enough. I do not feel optimistic about the future of freedom of press or expression in this country. I feel that soon enough I will be accused of insulting the president’s Holiness. I will not speak about how depressing to see this happening after the revolution because it will sound naive. I do not know if we were naive but I know we were romantic revolutionaries.

I am so depressed.


  1. Z; How about freedom of the movie industry in Egypt!!?? are they going to be allowed to show girls without higuab?? How about freedom of the music industry, and sorry I forgot how about freedom of the media?? Egypt is certainly looking at a dreadful period. Stop laughing Mubarak!! I think the MB is doing their job in planning to divide the country. 90 Millions working and advancing Egyptians are a lot more dangerous than weapons to their beloved neigbour(s). Iranis doing same role in the scope of the arab world. Sorry Z; if I sound pessimistic

    1. You know nothing about the Egyptian movie industry then. Girls aren't even allowed to be shown in higab in Egyptian movies as it is.

    2. They used not to be allowed to wear a veil as TV host but it has changed since then. So I'd rather worry about actresses being forced to wear a hidjab on TV soon.

  2. I, for one, am interested in what wisdom Demeur can offer regarding this political situation.

  3. So you are depressed because some people believes they were insulted so they went the legal way?!!

    I just want to be sure, you are depressed because they feel they are insulted OR because they went the legal way? #lemby_style

    Journalists are not over-law personnel. If you insult someone, be prepared for law suite. Either you are journalist or not.

    1. u right brother

    2. I consider the mere existence of the brotherhood an insult too all Egyptians. May I sue now?

    3. I think Anon (supporter of Yousf) lt depends on what you call insult!! based on your criteria, Obama should be very busy fighting law suits.

  4. Most courts in the world have a law about slander. Libel too. Egyptians need to get to know these laws and abide by them just like the people of other countries or they too will find themselves in courts.You cannot pick and choose what type of democracy you like. Every day I read to most outrageous things being said and as is the Egyptian way a lot are just rumor not based on fact at all. Mubarak was known as the biggest gossip in the ME. Maybe he taught his children the same thing. I wonder indeed what the prophet would have said about one Muslim slander another person and making fun of them. Maybe Egyptians need to refocus a bit and re read the Quran. I'm pretty sure instead of supporting slander/disrespect he would be denouncing it. Too many hijabed and baseball capped heads these days filled with air bubbles.

    1. "You cannot pick and choose what type of democracy you like."

      What is that supposed to mean? Of course I can! that IS the essence of democracy!!!

    2. "You cannot pick and choose what type of democracy you like. -

      What is that supposed to mean? Of course I can! that IS the essence of democracy!!!"

      Wrong, there must be basic elements in democracy that should maintain it:
      1. Free and secret ballot elections.
      2. Freedom of speech (otherwise, how can an opposition circulate its ideas?).

      The freedom of speech issue is critical, because otherwise the ruling party can prevent opposition parties from reaching the public awareness. People just wouldn't know there is an alternative.

  5. Some of the Bassem Youssef routine has been subtitled in English here.

  6. Obviously the religious fanatics are aiming to have any criticism considered as an insult. we had that before when Sawiris put Mickey and Minnie Mouse up on Twitter in traditional Saudi clothes. He was lucky that the court did not follow religious morons - but instead a Saudi Sheikh issued a Fatwa to have Mickey Mouse killed (its true!!!)

  7. Dr. Manal Omar is crazy like Mitias.


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