Monday, December 3, 2012

This is some sort of National TV History

Yesterday there was some kind of National TV history being made on air live , an Egyptian TV host slammed the head of the State live !!
Oh yes Pro-Revolution TV host Hala Fahmy has slammed president Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood for couple of minutes on air in her TV show on Channel 2 last night. Fahmy appeared while holding her shroud as a symbol of being ready to die. "It is actually an expression in Egypt {I am carrying my shroud when you speak about a nearly suicidal act"
She accusing the National media of ignoring Tahrir square and its martyrs
The Live broadcast of the show suddenly was cut when the guest was speaking about Egyptian Christians' rights and suddenly we find Rasha Magdy appearing reading the news bulletin in some sad irony !! "Rasha Magdy called the people in Egypt to stand with the army against the attack of the 
Christians on October 9,2011!!!"

Fahmy in a shot from the show holding her shroud
This is another National TV history being made , to have a TV host criticizing the ruler , the president like that on air !!
Some MB and Islamists' supporters say that he spoke improperly about Morsi , well I have not seen her speaking in bad manner in that clip so far.
Now the Muslim brotherhood's supporters accuse Fahmy of being another Mubarak's regime remanent as her late dad is a former MP and member of NDP !! "So what honestly , I got NDP relatives and in fact I know some  new big sports MB star whose uncles were too damn close to the NDP !!"

Hala Fahmy was the first one from the Egyptian National TV to join the #Jan28 protests in 2011 and the protesters in Tahrir square. She was the first from Maspero to speak openly against Mubarak as president on Dream TV2 during the 18 days.
This is from Tahrir square on February 6,2011

After the fall of Muabrak , she and a group of revolutionary Maspero employees started to demand the freedom and independence of National TV and radio so it would the Egyptians' truly media and they stood against SCAF and the military so it is kind of sad to see her being accused of being "Felol"

By the way TV host , activist and former President Candidate Bothaina Kamel had her moment in the midnight news bulletin last Saturday night when she said "We continue with the Muslim brotherhood's news bulletin"

Professionalism is debatable here as usual but somehow part of me is happy to see defiance and mutiny in Maspero , the National TV and Radia that always follows the ruler of Egypt regardless who is he and does not follow the people of Egypt.


  1. I wish all of egypt would use their phones and webcams to GET THE NEWS ONLINE!!! YOU do not have to abide by morsi you own videotaping and upload it. BETTER YET...SET UP A WEBCAM OUTSIDE OF YOUR WINDOW AND RUN A STREAMING VIDEO. They were all over in January...why now is this hushed? Makes me think the brotherhood was responsible for all those webcams showing tahrir history. GO TO THE SEMIRAMIS AND FIND A MAID TO LET YOU INTO A ROOM...YOU CAN USE A WEBCAM AND STREAM LIVE WITH NO ONE KNOWING WHO YOU ARE. TELL THE WORLD HOW MANY OF YOU ARE IN THE SQUARE SCREAMING FOR JUSTICE! MORSI AND BROTHERHOOD ARE TAKING YOU TO IRAN! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT EGYPT?

  2. sorry is your point theat Morsi is clearly permitting unknown levels of press freedom in comparison with Mubarak. Or are you as you mention confirming that such a partisan political rant dressed in cheap emotional sentiments is at the very least unprofessional and contrary to broadcasting codes and thus would warrant dismissal.


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