Sunday, December 2, 2012

Egypt : When the word “Crisis” is not enough

Ok there are lots of things happening in Egypt right now and many observers and analysts describe these happening as crisis, well the word “Crisis” is underestimated description for what is really going on in Cairo.
First I received some not so nice online because I did not cover yesterday’s Pro-President Morsi’s protest and I think I have to answer to back. Now this is a blog not a news site and if you follow my twitter account you will know that I have been sick for the past 4 days. I spent yesterday in bed so I do not know what I can to do more.
Regarding this protest well unfortunately the FJP officials who organized it with their allies from Islamists claim it is biggest human gathering the world has seen from ten years ago !! Oh yes it was even bigger than the Friday of Wrath “January 28th,2012” according to Mr. Farid Ismail , the MB and FJP leading member as well member of constituent assembly !!!
It was huge after all you mobilized all your supporters from several governorates in buses to be transferred to Giza in set up scene in order to present a certain counter message to the rallies that stunned Cairo and Giza last Tuesday. 
Unfortunately I thought that the Muslim brotherhood will think in a different way and stop the ongoing polarization but instead the MB intended to increase for the sake of power in the worst way
I only remember how the NDP with its different names in the past used to organized big rallies similar to this to show support to Nasser , Sadat and Mubarak in front of the world. Of course this time we are speaking about a polarization deepened and using religion in the worst way ever.
Yesterday some MB supporter accused me of presenting a bad image about Egypt in the West “I do not know how” and I was on the verge of telling her “sister you should check the Sheikhs that spoke on the stage of MB in Giza to see who are really giving Egypt and Islam bad image.
Islam as a religion , as teaching and as history was being insulted in the worst way ever yesterday.
They claim that that the MB and President Morsi were insulted day and night in Tahrir square. Well last time I check the Tahrir protesters are not Sheikhs who use their religious status. I have always thought that religion men use better language but unfortunately I was mistaken. We knew miraculously that Morsi is the grandson of Omar and he is also the truly 5th Rashidun Caliphate not Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz , the true grandson of Omar !!
Ironically the stage speakers included Sheikhs who were actually agents for the former state security known to everybody and some of them even fought each other. One particular face stunned me is Sheikh Mohamed Hassan , I mean this a Sheikh for all seasons !! He kissed Mubarak’s ass and prayed for SCAF from mount Arafat then praises Morsi !! Man of all seasons indeed who uses religion in the worst way !!
I do not know what Essam Haddad will tell foreign media about their radical allies back in Cairo including those who respect and honor the martyr Osama Bin Laden but I know that Haddad will present something in return of D.C’s acceptance. Already I do not know what Haddad will say in front of the EU when he is confronted by his allies’ comments about the Holocaust mocking it throughout the event and up till now are using to accuse Mohamed ElBaradei of being traitor and Zionist agent !!
I do not know what Haddad will tell from lies to the Europeans and the IMF in order to get loans when he is confronted by the MB’s members and supporters’ chants to Morsi to go after the media and judiciary. “ One signal Morsi and we will bring them in sacks !!” this is what the Pro-Morsi protesters chanted today in front of the Supreme constitutional court now. It is the ugly populism of Nasser , it is as they copycat what he did but with little religious touch. “I will not even say Islamic , Islam is innocent and greater from what they are doing from constant lying”
The MB does not want to learn history lessons, it is like the 1954 all over again but I do not know if Morsi will have the fate of Mohamed Naguib or we will have the fate of Khaled Mohi El Din and his companions who supported Naguib. I do not know.
I am already sick , fighting fever and trying to go to back to the field as soon as possible , I do not feel that guilty for not blogging about the protest yesterday because I feel more guilty I have not written a single word about the Quorsaya Island and its people who facing military trial or the Lycee school that came out of war zone and its students do not know what they are going to do !!
Again this is personal blog with biased point of view , if you want unbiased professional grammatical mistakes free news and analysis I think you should head to Ahram Online or Egypt Independent or Egypt Monocle.


  1. continue your great work and don't listen to all these people.

  2. I hope you make a full recovery soon. I for one appreciate your work. Keep up the struggle!

  3. Get well and keep up the good work! Yikes - I am agreeing with Roger

  4. Thank you for your post of veiw - your writing is appreciated! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Islam may be innocent but a very dangerous tool in the hand of fanatics.

    Egypt going the way of Iran

  6. Thanks for sharing your insights into the situation in Egypt. You have provided me with the chance to view the situation from an Egyptian point of view (not something I can get from American outlets).

  7. you are one of the few rational bloggers in Egypt, keep it going no matter what !

  8. You are one of the few rational bloggers in Egypt, i love reading for you and listening to your analysis.. keep it going

  9. Dear Zeinobia you are doing a fantastic work, one day these chronicles could be the basis for a history of what really happened. But take care!

  10. Zeinobia, don´t worry, you will always have to confront hate-filled, hysterical, hyprocritical, weird, bellow-the-belt or even jealous reactions as Egyptian politics is highly emotional and irrational itself. That should just encourage you to keep on reporting and analysing. You are doing an excellent job.

  11. I was wondering why I missed a post about MB protest .. Now it makes sense. Get well soon, and I cannot do anything but agree with the comments above!

  12. Respect! Don't give up, Z. We need your writings.

  13. get well soon we need you.. i know nothing of the truth of whats going on here. i dont speak arabic.


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