Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#Badrashin tragedy : At least now the Conscripts began to speak

These are the injured of Badrashin , each two staying in one beds. They were not from the lucky few that transferred to Maadi military hospital where they could meet president Morsi , PM Qandil and minister of defense El Sissi !!  These are our true hospitals , our true soldiers and.. our true country unfortunately.
Our conscripts are being put by pairs in one bed in the hospital just like they are forced to be squeezed in that doomed train. They were 2800 conscripts in that train for God sake , the lucky ones were seated while the rest were standing up in that long January from Upper Egypt to Cairo.
Now I will re-post again the video I posted in the first Badrashin train crash’s tragedy.

This video was recorded by El Badil e-newspaper at the scene right after the crash. I translated some of the quotes in the video in to English because they are extremely important.

Conscript#1 :

We came from Assuit , Sohag and New Valley “South”. We were heading to Mubarak sector “of central security forces” in Cairo. We were sleep but suddenly we woke up when a big bang happened. It turned out to be the freight train. The carriage derailed. I  was so scared. Everybody was screaming. The train was extremely crowded.The seat for two was carrying three and even more. We are mistreated as if we were dogs. Our friends in the back carriage were killed. 

Conscript#2 :

The train was already broken since we moved from Assuit. It broke down completely in Al Maniya but maintenance crew came and fixed those carriages in the back. “I did not get what he said”here. This why there were many casualties.

Conscript#3 :

Our superior told us there was nothing outside after the crash. 

Conscript#4 :

We saw dead bodies and injured everywhere , we did not know what to do. The police and ambulance did not show up except it was too late. The superiors mistreated us and hit us when we tried to get out from the carriages “!!”

Conscript #5 :

We were not allowed to eat or drink , to sleep or even to smoke in the train. We are humans for God sake . We come from Upper Egypt , the home of dignity.
The photos , the videos and testimonies are heart breaking but there is something changing in the attitude. People are not afraid of talking anymore.
There is still misunderstanding about whether this is a military train or civilian train. Some of the survivors say that it was a military train despite they are CSF conscripts while the ministry of defense says it is not. Either ways the conscripts’ military train is not that great as it is equally terrible just like civilian trains !!

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  1. I have never ever known an Egypt that didn't treat conscripts like dogs. But we expect them to treat others like humans. How?


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