Monday, January 28, 2013

#Black_Bloc and its enigma

Black Bloc is the new black in Egypt !! Since their announcement that they do exist in Egypt and since their parade last Thursday as well their role last Friday in the clashes , the media , the government and the MB could not stop speaking about them up till now !!

Suddenly the anarchic group is spread like fire across the country through out the governorates. Since when anarchism is popular in Egypt let alone how a group like that to plan and organize itself in this way !! There is something not clear or correct.

Now we got two Facebook pages speaking on behalf of the enigmatic group : Revolution Black Bloc and Black Bloc Egypt'

Amazingly the last page is using verses from the Holy Quran in its posts and FB cover. I do not know but we are speaking a new anarchism if it is truly anarchism in the first place. The second page is adopting the popular conspiracy theories of the Hamas militias working for the MB. Ironically  many people still believe that Black Bloc is underground MB group intended to spread chaos and to make people hate revolution and the revolutionaries.

Wael Al Abrashi claimed that hosted a member from the Black Bloc but the group denied that he is a member in the group adding that they do not speaking to the media. It is true they do not speak easily to the media and this is why we don’t have any info about them.

Now the MB and its members and supporters are crazy with that new group. As I hinted it is the new black , it is their new boggy man. Aside from accusing the Black Bloc of being the military arm of ElBaradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi as usual , Ikhwan Online accuses Black Bloc of being originally a Christian radical militia headed by a Christian man called Sherif El Sirafy. The report which is based only the claims of anonymous activists also claimed that El Sirafy was a member in the Christian Good battalion group, a thing which is totally denied by the members of the Christian group.

Amazingly after the sudden appearance of Black Bloc , we found Islamists so happy with that comic group like “Muslims Battalions”. Oh yes comic when you see their first statement , it is like a bad comic film by Adel Emam about bunch Upper Egyptian outlaws !!

The group attacked the Copts and threatened them as well opposition figures, media, police and army.

Sadly enough the Islamists cheered for those jerks.

The Black Bloc mania goes on , I will post any info I can find about them


  1. didn't you read Aljazeera's online report??!
    read the last section of the report the MB are spreading it like crazy!

  2. "Sadly enough Zenoubia cheered for those (black bloc) jerks."

    You describe them in such positive even sexy terms. "enigmatic" my foot they are a bunch of silly kids bent on violence snd destabilisation. Sadly you seem to go along with the Baradei line of encouraging as much lawlessness as possible in the hops that things will get so bad he will somehow become more popular. It is amazing how undemocratic these "liberal" elements have shown themsleves to be. With no chance of winning at democracy they say fuck it lets burn it down!!!

  3. The Grand Finale1/28/2013 02:30:00 PM

    The End Of It All.
    Now there is a resemblance in Egypt !!.
    quote: "The winter of 1941-42 was one of the worst in recorded history.The German high command urged Hitler to allow Paulus and his forces to break out of the encirclement and rejoin the mainGerman forces west of the city, but Hitler would not contemplate a retreat from the Volga River and ordered Paulus to “stand and fight.” With winter setting in and food and medical supplies dwindling, Paulus’ forces grew weaker. In mid-December Hitler allowed one of the most talented German commanders, Field Marshal Erich von Manstein, to form a special army corps to rescue Paulus’ forces by fighting its way eastward, but Hitler refused to let Paulus fight his way westward at the same time in order to link up with Manstein. This fatal decision doomed Paulus’ forces, since the main German forces now simply lacked the reserves needed to break through the Soviet encirclement singlehandedly. Hitler exhorted the trapped German forces to fight to the death, but on Jan. 31, 1943, Paulus surrendered; 91,000 frozen, starving men (all that was left of the 6th and 4th armies) and 24 generals surrendered with him." unquote.

    1. The copypasta moron is back. "The winter of 1941-42 was one of the worst in recorded history" is plagiarized from here.

      You're the psychotic asshole who blathers endlessly about "the pagan rabbi" whatever that means.

      You think by cleaning up your punctuation you won't be recognized. But the problem is that your comments, as always, are unrelated to what Zeinobia has written. Completely random. That's a giveaway.

      Just go away. Or better yet, drown yourself in a lake.

  4. They're actually from an Australian alternative band from the 1990s :)

  5. Anarchy always existed in Egypt dear Z. But why should anyone say she/he is anarchist. When the right goes extreme what do you expect but a balance on the left. Some people are willing to die for virgins in heaven (which i do not believe exists) others are willing to die for no reward at all, just for an idea. I wish freedom, peace and equality for all humans.

  6. Zeinobia you wrote

    "many people still believe that Black Bloc is underground MB group intended to spread chaos and to make people hate revolution and the revolutionaries."

    It would not surprise me in the least as el-ikhwan have a sordid past of lies crimes against the peopel of Egypt and terrorism


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