Monday, January 28, 2013

#Morsi , his statements and F16 in Kerry’s Senate hearing

From couple of days ago Senator John Kerry , who is nominated to become the new US state department secretary had to stand in front of a senate hearing to be asked about his vision and the challenges facing the US foreign affairs.

Senator Rand Paul could not forget to ask him about President Morsi’s comments regarding Israelis and Zionist in 2010 and whether it was good thing to give Egypt now F16.

Kerry was right when he described the meeting of the senators and congressmen with Morsi as heated one. It was not that good according to Foreign policy as Morsi accused the Jews “as some group” of controlling the media.

Ironically Morsi was trying the same thing his group is marketing in Egypt , Arab and Muslim that he is the victim of the media. It is always the media. What astonished me is that he and other MB big brains like Essam Heddad believe that they can fool the Senates and Congressmen with this.

I speculated that after I found the MB media  attacking McCain and his delegation accusing them of plotting with the NSF.

Now aside from that part regarding Morsi and his comments , this part gives a classic lesson on how the US policy makers like Paul and Kerry think in terms of arming Arab countries and Israel. It is something we should totally understand.

Back to Dr. Morsi and his statements about Jews , I think if he goes to German this weekend “unlikely” he will be asked a lot not only about his statements but about his views regarding the Holocaust. Foreign reporters found this piece at Ikhwan Online that goes back to 2010 where it says that Holocaust is myth.


  1. The Jewish lobby will influence the US Senate and Congress whenever Israel's security comes into question.
    The US primary interest is to safeguard the Camp David Accord. Note that during McCain's visit last week, Morsi was reprimanded and warned about a speech he gave insulting Jews but he was only mildly reminded to listen to the opposition, provide religious freedoms to minorities and promote women rights!!!!!
    Also, the arms Egypt received from the US are less modern than those given to Israel.

    1. Only an idiot person would believe the opposition is any better than the MB is. Why would you expect McCain or any other American to take sides in Egypt after the spectacle of barbarism and stupidity the world has been treated to, the last two years?

  2. That Jewish lobby. They sure are powerful. :( How do they do it? ;)

    1. @Jason
      Mainly through campaign donations to politicians & intelligent Jewish brains!!!!

  3. Hello, I am a US citizen currently living in Colorado. I am doing a project about Egypt from both ancient to present. I have noticed that there are many protests and clashes currently happening in your country. I was wondering if you can explain to me the struggles that are occurring and why the United States are getting involved to help. It would also be so kind if you explained the presidency here and other recent power struggles that could have caused for these outbreaks. Thank you so much for your time and all help will be acknowledged.


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