Monday, January 28, 2013

#Jan28 : Same Place , Same Faces … A typical Déjà vu

I can’t believe or understand how the ministry of interior and Central security forces “CSF” think !! I can’t believe or understand how they think if they do really use that organ inside their skulls at all !!
Just from less than an hour ago a rally coming from Sayada Zeinab to Tahrir square commemorating the Day of Wrath , January 28th was attacked by security forces.
It started when the peaceful rally reached to Kasr Al Nil area to find that CSF armored vehicle “APC” attacking it running over two protesters. At the same time a bird shot came from the security forces to hit one of the protesters in his head. This is just like the famous battle of Kasr Al Nil bridge on 28 January 2011.
I repeat the rally was peaceful it an armored vehicle attacked it running over two protesters who were badly injured and have been transferred to hospital and at the same time a protester was shot by a bird shot in his head. “He was transferred to the hospital”
The protesters attacking the APC 
Here is a video showing the APC attacking the protesters from Al Watan newspaper

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As expected the protesters could not hold themselves and attacked the APCs and security forces hurling rocks at them. The protesters took control of two APCs. They torched one near the British embassy in Garden City while they drove the other one to Tahrir square where they also torched it.
The first APC torched at the British embassy by
MohamedAbdel Fatah
The protesters over the APC heading to Tahrir "Unknown"
Arriving to Tahrir "Mahmoud Khaled"
The second one at Tahrir by Shabab El Din 
Closer look by Cliff Cheney
In one of the APCs , the protesters found two high ranking officers from the CSF , a colonel and major general who was sick. The protesters left the police colonel at Kempinski hotel while the general was handed over to the Police hospital from what I understood.
I am extremely worried several friends are there. I am extremely worried on my friends from girls there including reporters and journalists.
The security forces are acting madly firing tear gas , gunshots and rubber bullets. It seems to me that some of the protesters are forced to go back to Kasr Al Nil bridge at least part of them while other protesters are forced back to Tahrir square. The photos from Moud Barthez are speaking of themselves , no comment is needed.

I am reading disturbing news that the protesters are being shot by unknown assailants from Semiramis hotel’s roof. There were conflicting reports that Black Bloc has stormed the hotel but the protesters are denying it on the ground. Well from the huge amount of injuries I am hearing and reading , I believe the shooters are in a higher position than the protesters.
Of course I do not need to guess who are the assailants , the snipers are back.
There are injuries now reported. Among the injured famous Ahmed Harara who led the protest as well blogger Lilian Wagdy and journalist Rasha Abaza. Most injuries are from bird shots.
Here is Ahmed Harara speaking to Ahram Gate about his injury as well the attack on the protesters
Harara says that the rally was peaceful one and he along with others informed the police forces that they will come to Kasr Al Nil peacefully, the police stopped shooting its tear gas and some of the protesters passed then the APC's attack started
I believe we should expect curfew also in Cairo soon. With these clashes besides cutting roads and blocking metro lines , it is something we should expect but it will not be the first. I feel we are living a Déjà vu for the revolution indeed.


  1. The march was NOT peaceful as you write here!
    Egyptians need to grow up and obey the law!!!
    They are out of control hooligans out there every night in the streets!

    Time they went back home and stopped embarrassing us on the world stage! It's a disgrace!
    God help Morsi having to deal with these hoards of juvenile delinquents and older instigators of criminality and lawlessness!
    The whole bloody lot of them should be jailed! Get them off the streets for Gods sake and behave yourselves!

  2. Shame on Morsi this is criminal but again this is what el-ikhwan are all about terrorists and assassins and there is no reason what so ever to justify the killing of human beings that are exercising thier god given right to protest

    Shame on Morsi

  3. The headline on Drudge Report right now is MUSLIM BROS LOSING CONTROL. It is unusual for Egyptian news to be featured on Drudge. He links to this Christian Science Monitor story: Egypt's protests reveal deficit of trust in Muslim Brotherhood


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