Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#PortSaid , #Suez and #Ismailia show the world how to celebrate a Curfew in an Egyptian way !!

Today the people of Port Said , Suez and Ismailia are celebrating the first of the curfew imposed by President Morsi on their cities for a month.
Ismailia , the quiet city which people usually go to sleep before 12 AM is awake with thousands of protesters from locals roaming the town chanting anti-Morsi and anti-MB slogans mocking the curfew.

People in the street after 9 PM
At the governorate building 

A curfew couple wedding !!
Attacking Morsi and praising army
and Police !!
The people in Ismailia also are holding football tournament calling it “The Curfew Mundial” . They even played football match with the army forces in the city !!!!
Suez also thousands and thousands went to the streets since 9 PM in defiance celebrating with fireworks and chants against Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood as well.

Ironically a man resembles President Morsi was found in the rallies and people took photos with him saying that even the president joined them in breaking the curfew.
By iHemaa 
Moving to the sad yet defiant Port Said , thousands are roaming the city in a big rallies. The citizens took photos also with the army units and played football matches with them !!

Still the people in Port Said are still angry , they carried banners in the rallies attacking Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood like “I am sorry for electing Morsi” and “Port Said will not bow to anyone except God”.

Here is a video for the people in Port Said chanting explicitly “The Curfew is gone you sons of bitch”
2 citizens from Port Said were killed today in Clashes with security forces at Al Arab police station. The city has witnessed another mass funeral for its fallen citizens yesterday.
Even Port Fouad, the small quiet city is awake !!

so much for the curfew.


  1. Nice information with pictures of people on the streets. I wish well to all Egyptian people, and particularly to the women. I read elsewhere that the muslim brotherhood paid rapists to attack women on Tahir Square, did you hear about that? I found it particularly horfull.Take care.

    1. Why would MB have to pay Egyptians to rape when so many Egyptians are willing to rape for free? Makes no sense.

    2. exactly I am sick of this constant anti MB propaganda!

  2. The rage against Morsi has been escalating daily and he has no credibility left with the people anymore. He will fall sooner or latter....it's a matter of when?

  3. People are fed up. They want Morsi to be their president, not dictator. They want Morsi to take measures, not giving speeches and visiting other countries. Egypt needs economic measures and security measures!!

    1. visiting those other countries managed to help restore talks about Egypts water supply!!! that Mubarak ignored! trying to get better relations for Egypts ONLY supply of water!!
      His other trips were to get money to stop Egypt sinking into the sand against all the efforts of the stupid donkey out protesting dragging the country into oblivion!!!

      enough of this stupid talk and nonsense please!!

    2. 'After agreeing a $4.8 billion IMF loan in principle in November, final agreement was delayed when the government postponed some tax rises seen as part of any pact' ....

      Now tell me, how is this useful? .. and how can you blame the opposition in any matter? They are protesting in the first place because of lack of measures. Surely don't underestimate the value of an opposition in the country!!! Calling people donkeys never helped a great deal really...

      Where are Morsi's DESPERATELY needed measures?!! no time to waste really! .. the loan is DESPERATELY needed, but it has been postponed and now the opposition is blamed. Great story.

    3. If you knew anything about the situation at all!!! you would realise that the loan is lent on conditions!!! those conditions are vital!!! just the same as every other loan around the world!!! Morsi has to do what every other president has to do. Austerity measures but Egyptian 4x4 drivers dont want to pay the real price for petrol and are fighting any other subsidy measures the IMF has imposed!
      Sooner or later the Egyptians will have to wake up and smell the coffee and stop blaming everyone else. The prices are going to have to rise and that's the bottom line and would be the same under El B or anyone else as president! God almighty why are people so dumb!

    4. Well, should Morsi listen to those 4 x 4 drivers???
      The loan should be accepted on the IMF conditions, Morsi doesn't really have a choice!!! he went begging for money in Germany, he failed .. and he can only for so long expect help from his Brotherhood friends in Qatar ... Egypt's budget deficit will double, so no time to waste really ... So yes I blame Morsi! It wasn't the IMF who retracted the contract, after the tax conditions were decided. Investments are needed ..but first we need the loan don't we?? and indeed prices will have to rise, and it will hurt

      And do you know what's really stupid?? calling people you DON'T KNOW who you just see on a BLOG stupid!!!

  4. Ps. This is freedom, not disobeying the rules. Why would you obey a president who is not doing anything for you in the first place?

  5. very sad to see the comments. Surely death and destruction serves no decent interests. Imagine if this where "islamists" refusing to talk, demanding their version of the constituion be enforced even if the majority don't want it. Establishing gangs of thugs, raping, looting, killing. Be honest!
    You have an elected president, he is calling for dialogue. Grow up

    1. Yes ... because the complete opposition is made of up of thugs right??!!! And the Islamists are so free of sin??!!!.... And the current constitution has been approved by the majority of Egyptians right???!!! ... Grow up

    2. anonymous I agree. There is simply no way of talking to stupid people!! Stupid has no cure. Sarah has no clue at all and is just robotically reciting what she hears from her friends. Robotic recitation seems to be the only thing Egyptians can do these days. Must be the rote learning in the schools!

  6. So far Morsi and the MB have acted exactly as you might expect.
    When they promised not to seek the presidency, you pretty much knew they definitely would. They have said they are not seeking to
    reorder Egypt according to sharia because they realise there are many Egyptian non-muslims and it wouldn't be fair to them. We''ll see. Pays to be skeptical.


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