Tuesday, January 8, 2013

#egyConstitution : Borhami’s video translated

I spoke about this video before in my blog especially when I blogged on why I refuse the current constitution. Here is the 18 minutes video of Yasser El Borhami , one of the co-founders of Salafist Calling and Al Nour Party speaking to other Salafist Sheikhs about the restrictions imposed in the new constitution. It is translated in English.

The most dangerous 18 minutes that Borhami said about the Eg from nahdaproject1 on Vimeo.
Of course El Borhami later defended himself but damage has been done and the constitution was approved unfortunately.

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  1. If these salafists are so dangerous to Egypt and society and are turning Egypt into Afghanistan then why is it that the Egyptians are not raising merry hell and protesting and having sit in about them? Why no million man marches? Why no demos outside Al Azhar? It seems Egyptians will strike and protest about anything except the real nutcases wandering the streets and their wives in niqabs wandering around like ghosts! Why the lack of protests? Why no voices out in the square against salafists and Borhami?


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