Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Haddad , who do you think you can fool with that Statement !?

Essam Haddad , the assistant of President Morsi on foreign affairs issued this statement in English on his Official Facebook Page.This statement about freedom of press and opinion in Egypt in nutshell defends Morsi and his government against the facts we have on the ground that journalists, reporters and TV hosts are facing hell in the first 6 months of the new elected President’s term.
This statement is in English and is directed to foreign media as if we were living in 1960s and the foreign media does not eyes and ears in Egypt !! I do not know who is fooling with that statement. May he be is fooling the International Muslim brotherhood and the MB supporters abroad but I highly doubt it will fool the foreign media.
He claims that Morsi’s administration did not sue TV hosts or reporters than who filed this report against Mahmoud Saad and Dr. Manal Omar accusing them of insulting Morsi last month !?
Most of the current well-publicized claims were initiated by citizens rather than the Presidency
Well it is partially true and those honorable citizens are Islamist lawyers that are connected directly and indirectly to the Muslim brotherhood and Salafist groups supporting President Morsi. You know Mubarak did not sue the journalists himself but rather bunch of honorable citizens too including NDP members in the governorates.
Yesterday we found out that journalist Mohamed Sabry will stand a military trial and today we find out that journalist Ismail El Walid has been sentenced one year in jail in absentia !! Dr. Essam Haddad forgot to mention how the Salafists , from Morsi’s supporters besieged the Media city in October city for days waiting for certain TV hosts like Ibrahim Eissa to show up in order to attack them. In fact they did attack certain TV hosts and guests from those opposing President Morsi like Khaled Youssef.
He did not mention how Al Wafd Party and its newspapers were attacked by Salafist Mob from Abu Ismail supporters that also support Morsi.
He did not mention how Al Masry Al Youm newspaper was being secured by CSF unit for fear it would be attacked by Pro-Morsi Abu Ismail’s mob like Al Wafd.
I can not believe how Haddad mentions the rumor of Dr. Chomsky's anti-UAE lecture when his MB media and members as supporters were the ones who spread it 
I do not need to guess if any journalist asks Dr. Haddad about these incidents he will bring up the cases of torching the Freedom and Justice Party and MB HQs in the governorates as well Presidential Palace’s sit in.
Of course Haddad and his team do not want to show the West the other side of the coin , their own media whether the MB media or so-called Islamist media. During the Presidential Palace clashes and protests before the referendum , the MB media was speaking about American Zionist conspiracy against Egypt which was repeated often by the MB members in social media. Those MB members and supporters are not like Sondos Assam from near or far and are hidden from foreign media
The president’s aide on foreign affairs is focusing all his power on the Western media and is trying to save the image of Morsi as well the Muslim brotherhood. Unfortunately forgot how the Supreme guide of the Muslim brotherhood , his own guide whom he obeys and follows his orders. Dr. Badei once described the journalists and reporters as the wizards of Moses’ Pharaoh “strangely those Wizards turned in to believed and believed in God !!
By the Way Dr. Haddad did not issue or comment about this video of Sheikh Yasser El Borhami of Salafist Calling and Al Nour Party that is considered from President Morsi’s allies.
Haddad is bragging about the Freedoms in the new constitution without paying attention to what the influential Sheikh Borhami had said to other Salafist Sheikhs about  “This constitution that imposes complete restrictions that have never before been imposed by any Egyptian constitution” and it “places restrictions on freedom of thought, expression, and creativity” in his own words !!
Enough of lies for God sake, this country had enough of lies for 60 years to tolerate more lies.


  1. Lol, you have had enough of lies yet decided to vote for Ikhwan (Morsi) and you knew how much they lied during the year and a half from day 1 of the revolution till the presidential elections and yet you still went ahead!!!

    Zeinobia is more islamists than I thought. I mean she voted for Aboul Fotoh who's sole purpose was to split the civil vote. He was 'kicked' (with his consent) out of the brotherhood for this reason.

    Hilarious. Enjoy your press freedoms under the Islamists. Ahahahahah. Get ready to wear the headscarf if you are not already wearing one. And ask that loud bitch Nadia El Magd how much she sold her self? What was the price, who knows maybe i can afford a media whore for a night.

    1. Only a coward hiding behind 'Anonymous' can write such hateful shit. If you were man enough to stand for what you say you would not chicken out like a little boy and hide behind a mask. And what you say about a female colleague calling her a whore and a bitch should get you into court for insult and sexual harassment. But of course you only dare to speak like that because you hide like a thief in the night. Try say all of that above again without a mask, showing your real face. But you are too much a coward to do that of course. Only men with zero character act like this. Deplorable. Disgusting. Despicable.

  2. You know that Issam al Haddad, al ikwhangi mustashir Mursi, father of this "ghabi" Jihad, has beeen chairman of Islamic Relief till a little ago, and now the charity has become the official charity of the Ikwhan ,ALLAH YEKHRIB BEYUTHUM KULLUHUM,so take care of them. Now the Chairman is the Muslim Brother Ibrahim al Zaiat.

  3. You have freedom of the press and freedom of speech so get used to them clashing because this is how it works.

  4. Ismail al Walid was sentenced to one year for assaulting an officer not for what he had written so this is deceptive reporting. It was the officer who filed the complaint not Morsi.This case has nothing to do with the MB or Morsi.

    1. Actually Ismail El Walid reported that officer first to the prosecution accusing him of attacking the journalists during the trial. The trial was in absentia , he was not informed about the trial and he had no lawyer to represent him nor a lawyer from the press syndicate "according to the law" to attend the trial.

  5. good points both, jonamorem & Zee.

  6. Bah - humbug to anonymous, the coward!


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