Monday, January 7, 2013

Belated Merry Orthodox Christmas

This is a belated Merry Christmas to all Orthodox Christians especially the Egyptian Orthodox Christians from Egyptian Chronicles.



  1. January 7 is celebrated as Christmas day for all major Christian denominations in Egypt, not just followers of the Orthodox Church.

  2. A Destiny of Failure .
    Blitzkrieg oder eine Niederlage erleiden.
    During the post-war period, radical secular nationalism was the dominant political philosophy in colonized nations from Indonesia to Algeria. Ignoring this reality, several Western commentators asserted that people in Muslim countries, who they viewed as being deeply entrenched in their religious beliefs, would reject political ideologies like nationalism and communism. They were wrong. As John Esposito argues, nationalism “was not articulated in significantly Islamic terms.” This is particularly true in the “period following World War Two,” when “the major ideologies of protest and of radical reform were shaped by Western democratic, socialist and Marxist perspectives.”37 Walter Laqueur, writing in 1956 about the dominance of communism and nationalism in the Middle East, would argue convincingly against the aforementioned “bulwark of Islam” thesis stating that what “is decisive is that Islam has gradually ceased to be a serious competitor of Communism in the struggle for the souls of the present and potential elites in the countries of the Middle East.”38 If that was true of communism, it was even more so of nationalism. “Communism and extreme nationalism,” Laqueur noted, “are the two main forces among academic youth in the Arab countries.”39 These forces would then lead successful national liberation struggles and introduce secular reforms, among other measures, in their societies. During the era of the Cold War, the United States viewed radical nationalism and communism as dire threats to its influence. After an initial period when Washington tried to win Nasser, and the Iranian secular nationalist Mohammed Mossadegh, to its side and failed, it developed an “Islam strategy” whereby Islamist groups, helped by Saudi Arabia, would be cultivated as bulwarks against radical nationalism and communism. During the 1950s, the United States would use the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt against Nasser, and a group of clergy in Iran against Mossadegh.42 All forms of totalitarianism are based on various fictions. They have fictions to describe how their particular movement helps to unleash the currents of history. They have fictions to "explain" history thus far. They have fictions to tar the non totalitarian world with false accusations and to label the non totalitarian world as "evil" and "in need of liquidation." The entire construct of Islamism and all other totalitarian movements is based on fiction. Islamism is "a very successful lie," and not "a remarkable social and political force."

    1. What is this so called comment by the "hypocrits1/07/2013 09:57:00 PM" what relevance it projects to the topic of Orthodox Christmas day???!!!. I am not debating its contents but the way it is presented looks like coming from someone who was paid to commenton the 'Egyptian Chronicles Blog, no more no less. Please organize your thought and don't jam a huge comments on irrelevant subject.

  3. How come same comments word for word appears on Sanmonkey's latest blog sarcastically whishing Egyptians-infidels Happy New Year !!!!???

  4. geesh! Can't even say "Merry Christmas" without someone complaining. :(

    1. If that meant to be Merry Christmas in your own `Manadrine English !!!!` then no wonder MB pretends to be smart !!!!


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