Thursday, January 31, 2013

#Jan25 in Video : The protests

Late as usual , here is a video clip about the protests in Tahrir square last 25 January 2013. I shot these clips during the protests in the morning on that day.


  1. how come there are no reports about the rape and assults on womwen that took place on the 25th, 26th and 27th.

    1. Because the protests were opposition and no MB were there so no point covering that story because she cant lay blame on MB or Morsi since they were all opposition in Tahrir.

  2. Zeinobia what do you think about El Baradeis latest bombshell where he is now in alliance with the beards?
    Al Saud must have written him a big check for him to ally with his wahabis against the MB.
    Seems that Egypt is stuck in the middle of a Qatar-Saudi war

  3. The number of scraggly-bearded MB-supporting rageboys who have begun to hang out on Egyptian Chronicles is truly shocking.

    1. Why is it shocking? Zeinobia supported those scraggly-bearded rageboys until a few months ago herself. Now she supports some marxist douchebags who are just as bad. What's the damn difference? Egypt's biggest problem is Egyptians. Such as the great Zeinobia.


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