Saturday, January 26, 2013

#UA07 : The trial of the month ends with capital punishment

And January 26th , 2013 is here. The trial of the month is here , the Port Said massacre trial's verdict is here.
After few minutes of starting the trial at New Cairo's special court in police academy , The judges announced that he will refer the papers of 21 defendants to the Mufti.In other words those 21 out of 75 defendants are facing death sentence.
The judge adjourned the trial itself to March.There are still defendants in the case including police officers. " these officers were transferred to a hotel before they were transferred to the court !!"
The families of the defendants in Port Said tried to storm the Port Said prison to release their relatives. The security forces are firing tear gases. The entrances and exists of Port Said are totally closed by the locals theirs . The Green Eagles Al Masry Ultras group has closed the Free zone in Port Said.Things are getting from bad to worse, reports about fatalities and injuries coming from there.
Back in Cairo , the families of martyrs are extremely happy chanting in court after they were angry in the morning
The families of the martyrs of Port Said massacre are the first in Egypt to be really happy.
The Ahly Ultras boys whether UA07 and Ultras Red Devils are having huge celebrations at Ahly Club cussing Port Said as usual.
I am tired now , I take some rest now and return back.


  1. you seem so thrilled relating your little gangs of boys with toys. But in reity these are gangs of thugs looking for violent confrontation, insulting, attacking, stealing and killing!!!

    Have you lost all balance. This is madness. We all know the strength of numbers of the secularists. It is in no way a counter balance to the 'islamist' trend. Therefore democratically they should be playing the role of a significant 'minority'. But because they still disporoportionally dominate many areas of egyptian administration and economics they feel its their birthright! Hence the tactics of promoting or at least overlooking violent attempts at destabilisiation.

    Do you really support that?

    1. The liberals have just a problem to mobilize their forces. But the more oppressive the Islamists are becoming, the more they are invading our privacy and freedom you will see millions of free Egyptians marching.

      We did not do the revolution just to have a dictatorship disguised by religious pretense. I really wonder, how the Brothers think to get away with this.

    2. Thats exactly what they say in Iran, too. "We are the majority, the religious conservatives." Then, why did they need to use the Army & militias to attack protesters in 2009? The taliban claims it is the majority in the tribal areas of Pakistan, everyone supports them. Then why do they need to terrorize the population into submission?

      They have appointed themselves the representatives of true Islam, made themselves Caliphs. Other muslims, don't agree. It is not Secular vs Islamist. It is self-appointed Caliphs vs everyone else. Force will not work, you will lose. You are not the New Caliphs dictating to the ignorant how they should live.

  2. Egypt is no more, the current state of Egypt will remain chaotic because it was designed to remain that way decades ago, chaos makes a state easy to manage, it will eventually put pressure for leaders to ask for an IMF loan, and once the loan is granted then the country becomes a client state, Islamist or not.Well done Egyptians you have enslaved yourselves.Can you think of other Middle Eastern or African countries where Chaos theory was applied?

  3. Drudge Report linked to this story: 27 die in Egypt riot after soccer violence verdict.

    @Aseel, you mischaracterize Zeinobia. She reports what she sees from her perspective. Not sure why you have a problem with that. She even allows dissent like yours.


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