Friday, January 25, 2013

#Jan25 2013 in #Tahrir : Back to square one !!

Ok now it is 6:53 PM I am taking a break from news coverage in Tahrir square at hours in the square since 11 AM.
I was in the square when there were just hundreds and at 1 PM I could say there are thousands flocking in to the square after the prayers aside from the expected huge numbers to show up in the rallies to Tahrir square. Now in 6:54 PM and after what I have seen I can say that there are hundred thousands.
The weather is warm but when you get closer to Haardess area that intersection with Mohamed Mahmoud Street and Kasr Al Aini your nose and eyes can not miss the horrifying smell of tear gas grenades. Oh yes the clashes in Kasr Al Aini street between the protesters and security forces behind the wall continue for the second day in row and up till now , till this hour the clashes continue.
The tear gas used this time is terrible by all measures , my eyes are still burning me. I do not know how these teenagers tolerated to stay that close.
The security forces are using a nasty type of tear gas grenades , really nasty. When I was there I saw the security forces throwing tear gas grenades from behind the wall and the protesters " mostly teenagers" throwing the grenades back like football. The police uses this technique of getting close to the wall using the armored vehicle I believe based on that siren and then it fires the tear gas grenades
When I was there were at least 6 injured , I saw two of them including a Spanish photographer who was hit in his eye. The other injured was also hit in his eye. The ambulances were at Omar Makram mosque but later when there were many injuries at Kasr Al Aini they moved there. There were two field hospitals during then including one at Dobra church , the famous Dobra field hospital. It is now closed after it was attacked by security forces by tear gas grenades !!
One important detail the tents of the sit in at Tahrir complex were burned by security forces in early morning , it was obvious as you can see in the photos.
There were two Friday speeches. One at Omar Makram mosque that was religious one about Prophet Mohamed PBUH birthday and the other one was political one at Tahrir square. The sheikh at Tahrir square is Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah who is known for his extreme hate to Salafists and MB. I filmed part of the speech.
I did not know what happened across the country when I was there. I heard that things were on fire in Alexandria and Suez from the main stage near Hardee's , I did not think it was truly on fire for real and there are clashes continuing up till this moment
I feel that some street vendors were aggressive and rude on propose to have fights. You know these vendors from tea sellers , some of them are real trouble makers and informants
Till I left at 4 PM there were less sexual harassment incidents unlike other types. In fact I saw a harasser being kicked from Tahrir square while weeping like a girl !!
In my way out at Tahrir exit from the Arab League direction I saw Tahany El Gabali entering , the former judge was not received warmly as a man screamed " there is no place for her here , it is my square , it is my square". An old middle class lady sitting on a chair told her friend then when she saw that scene " She is not good but MB made a hero out of her" which is actually true.
I saw and met Dr. Saad El Din Ibrahim . A man told him laughing "it is your mistake ya Doc , you introduced the MB to the Americans"
The famous professor laughed too. He told me that he wished that the message of the day reaches to the regime other wise it will be a huge mistake.
I saw also Dr. Manal Omar entering the square. She refused to speak to the media but she was extremely nice lady with beautiful smile. I saw Saher El Mogy , the famous novelist coming in the "Baheya Ya Misr" rally that including banners of women icons in Egypt including Um Kalthoum, Huda Sharaawy, Shahenda Makled and Doria Shafik.
I witnessed the arrival of the Al Wafd party and Strong Egypt party. For the record Strong Egypt party rally was chanting against the MB and its guide , I filmed them. Parts of the famous Mostafa Mahmoud rally and Zamalek rally came. I saw the ladies of Gazeera club with banners saying "Al Azhar speaks for Muslims and so on"

 A cross section of the society was in Tahrir square as well from different provinces and political powers and parties.
The chants were mostly against the MB and Morsi so were most of the banners in the square.Chants were once again : The people want to topple the regime and Leave we won't leave
Some came because he does not like MB and doesn't want Morsi to stay while others do not want the constitution and want to have a new one.
With chants against the president and security forces acting as they have been sans live ammunition , it is like going back to square one .. In Tahrir square.
I am too tired to do a general coverage , it is crazy day.


  1. Great slide show. Really shows the atmosphere. And the litter. There must be a fatwa against using waste baskets.

    Were those burned tires on the ground?

    By the way you said "I saw a harasser being kicked from Tahrir square while wiping like a girl !! and I don't know what you mean, but I don't think you mean what you wrote...

  2. oh the wordy j---n again,and where is your partner in blogging/ you are the reincarnation of sophistry and " excellence" of is unfortunate you are blogging on egypt;you should be blogging with the greats of history,!

    1. Don't be shy. You can use my name.

    2. Yeah, he's always been wrong and Zeinobia has always been right. Anyone can read the archives here and see that :D


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