Monday, January 21, 2013

Why to exclude #Qatar from the land ownership law in #Egypt ? !?

I will start with that news from Qatari Al Arab Newspaper : President Morsi excludes Qatari El Diyar from the ownership law, El Diyar acquires 30 million meter square in Sharm Arab !! According to the news which about the visit of some Egyptian economic delegation to Doha , President Morsi already had excluded the law before it would be ratified and issued.
Now we do not know the exact location of such project or its conditions. Already when I searched online for Sharm Arab and its history.
I found an entry in Google answers copied allegedly from Ahram Newspaper in early January 2011. To be exact on 9 January 2011 former minister of tourism Zohair Garana "currently in jail" announced that the Prince of Qatar was going to found a touristic resort in Sharm Arab in Hurghada on 28 million meters. "It is near Makadi Bay"
Why would Qatari El Diyar be exempted from a law that bans foreign ownership for land in Egypt now !? Is not this favoritism !?
Please do not give this lecture about investments to the end of that talk that we had enough of it in the past 30 years.
Please do not tell me that Qatar is helping Egypt financially so no problem if we sell our land to them in this way. If it were about financial aid , I think than the United States , EU and Kuwait have the right to acquire large pieces of land in the same way.
Of course this is besides the on going debate about the Qatari investments in Sinai and Suez Canal


  1. Because ikhwan sold the country to the oil sheikhs with your help. Zeinobia, stop crying over spilled milk. You knew the stories about plans to sell canal and other places to Qatar yet you ignored it and voted for the ikhwan. Enjoy seeing Egypt becoming a Somalia and it's riches plundered

  2. the theatrist plot1/21/2013 08:46:00 PM

    and why not?.
    here is the plot: the two armies prepare for battle.on one front amassed the pagan rabbi,the baldy national salvation front puppet,qatar and saudi arabia -and the rest of the scum-and of course the Wall Street beneficiaries. Lies on the other side is the army of the Mubarak sons ,and the bunked ,well fed,security forces,those of whom are still loyal to the Mubaraks.The audience are the uniforms, and the impoverished masses are the true verdicts,whose action will determine the is clear that the pagan rabbi have lost their sympathy,the boldy has not invited praise,Wall Street associates have not found the silver who do you think will be the winner ,and who will be the victim?.

  3. It is pretty obvious that it Qatar wasn't excluded!
    The news said "The Qatarian company made the deal long time ago before the issue of the law".


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